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Parking and Transit Services

Special Event Parking Requests


If you have visitors or you are hosting an event on our campuses, Parking and Transit Services can assist you to reserve an area of parking or obtain a parking permit per day per vehicle.

 Special Event Reserved Parking.

Your department or organization may receive parking in a limited number of areas as approved by PTS. Barricades will be removed one hour after the beginning time of the event as provided on the request form.

Parking may be requested only for visitors and not for students, faculty or staff. A $25 administrative fee will be assessed for any booking/changes made less than 24 hours in advance (if accepted by PTS). A $25 fee will be assessed for any cancellations made less than 24 hours.

PTS reserves the right to require additional monitor coverage and traffic control for large events. The costs for this will be $75 per monitor, for a minimum of three hours. Please plan accordingly. 


Special Event Parking Rates by spaces:

  • 1-5 spaces: No parking attendant         $  0 (for 1st day only, $10 for every day after)
  • 6-10 spaces:  No parking attendant      $25 minimum
  • 11-25 spaces: No parking attendant     $50 minimum
  • 26-50 spaces: Parking attendant           $75 minimum
  • 51-75 spaces: Parking attendant           $100 minimum
  • 76-100 spaces:Parking attendant          $150 minimum
  • 101-150 spaces: Parking attendant       $200 minimum
  • 151-200 spaces: Parking attendant       $250 minimum

Parking attendant use is a three hour minimum charge. Availability of parking attendants from PTS is not guaranteed.

If you want to reserve an area of parking, please submit a request three business days prior to event. Make an online request



Special Event Parking Passes / $2 per vehicle per day

A limited number of parking areas will be available for organizations sponsoring events on our campuses. A parking pass does not guarantee a parking space, but they provide the same opportunity to park on campus that faculty/staff and students have.

  • Pass(es) are for visitors only, and may not be used by faculty, staff or students.
  • Pass(es) are valid only on the date(s) shown and in the areas designated.
  • Only original Pass(es) will be honored; Pass(es) may not be duplicated or altered.
  • Lost Pass(es) are not refundable.
  • Unused Pass(es) for cancelled events are non-refundable.
  • Pass(es) may be exchanged at no cost for rescheduled events only.

A parking pass is available per vehicle and can be made available in a limited number of parking areas for organizations sponsoring events on our campuses as approved by PTS. Make an online request.


 Payment options

 Payment is required when services are rendered. Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Interdepartmental.


 If you are having problems with the online request forms, contact Belinda Patterson, Event Management Coordinator, at 601.266.4948, or email Belinda.PattersonFREEMississippi.

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