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Non-conventional Vehicles

Policy Governing Use and Operation of Non-conventional Modes of Transportation


The purpose of this policy is to establish operational guidelines for the use and operation of non-conventional modes of transportation on the campus of The University of Southern Mississippi. Further, to establish equipment needs, both required and optional, regarding these modes of transportation.


1. Non-conventional mode of transportation is defined as any motorized vehicle, gas or electric powered, that is used to transport people, equipment or other goods. EXAMPLE: Golf carts, ATVs, lawn mowers, etc.

2. These non-conventional modes of transportation will be operated in accordance with the "Rules of the Road" as are conventional modes of transportation.

3. Operators will not use sidewalks as transportation routes. Sidewalks can only be utilized when the destination has been reached to accommodate delivery of goods or service, drop-off and pick-up. Use is also allowed when the job description or equipment allows for use in grass or sidewalk or for parking.

4. When parking, utilize the area at your destination that will not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Do not park in a designated parking space, in the roadway or in any tow-away zone as described in the Traffic and Parking regulations.

5. Operation will be in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, and there will be no modification to manufacturer's safety equipment, e.g., speed governors.

6. All equipment on non-conventional modes of transportation will be maintained and in good working order.

7. Non-conventional modes of transportation will be properly marked with the department or division name and unit number assigned by Motor Pool that would be visible from a minimal distance of 25 feet.

8. The following equipment will be utilized on all non-coventional modes of transportation dependent on time and purpose of use (required or optional):

  • windshield (required for golf carts, optional on all other)
  • flashing yellow caution light affixed to top or above roof (required)
  • rearview mirror (required)
  • headlights and rear lights or reflectors (optional for daytime use only, required for nighttime operation)
  • reflective triangular placard for equipment (required)
  • horn (optional)
  • weather enclosure (optional)

9. Limit operators of non-conventional modes of transportation to personnel who have a valid driver's license.

10. Limit capacity of the cart to manufacturer's specifications.

11. Driver and passenger(s) are to remain seated at all time while moving and keep hands and feet inside at all times.

12. When backing, make sure to look behind you before doing so.

13. When leaving the transportation unattended, remove the key and set the parking brake at all times.

14. Stop transportation completely before exiting.


All current employees and new hires whose job description allows use of non-conventional modes of transportation will submit to the University Police Department information for a driver's license check for validation. Employee will read and then sign that they understand the policy regarding the use of non-coventional modes of transportation.

Violations of said policy will be forwarded to the appropriate school dean or department director with whom the non-conventional mode of transportation is assigned. All disciplinary action will be handled in accordance with The University of Southern Mississippi disciplinary policy.


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