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Parking and Transit Services

Permit Information

Registration fees for parking permits:
Annual Parking Permits*     Hattiesburg       Gulf Park/GCRL 
Students $162 $75
Faculty/Staff > $24K $162 $75
Faculty/Staff < $24K $75 $75
Reserved $414 $175
Contractor/Vendor $75 $75
Retired Faculty/Staff $25 $25
Affiliates $75 $75
Temporary Employees Dec/May $25 $25

 *Annual permits only cover Fall, Spring, and Summer of the current academic year.  Prices may be prorated when purchased after the fall semester concludes.

Semester Only Permits       Hattiesburg       Gulf Park/GCRL 
Fall $90 $45
Spring  $90 $45
Summer $25 $25


Visitor Pass      Hattiesburg Gulf Park/GCRL 
Online only for visitors (per day/ per vehicle)            $2                    



  • Traditional metered parking and digital scan-to-pay spaces are available in various locations on campus.  Traditional parking meters accept quarters only, 15 minutes for $0.25, up to 1 hour for $1.00.  Digital scan-to-pay signs accepts payments through your cellular device via Apple Pay, PayPal, direct credit card and other methods where available.  The fee at scan-to-pay locations is $2.00 per hour (including all processing fees).  Refer to signage at parking location for details of payment options.
  • Faculty, staff, students, contract employees and contractors/vendors who operate a motor vehicle on University-owned or controlled property, regularly or occasionally, will be required to purchase a virtual parking permit and register a vehicle license plate. Faculty, staff and students are required to register online at Online Permit Registration Portal from the Parking and Transit website.  Others may contact parkingFREEMississippi for additional instructions.
  • Faculty, staff and students are allowed to register up to four vehicle license plates to a single virtual permit. However, only one vehicle is allowed to park on a University property at any given time. If a permit holder uses a vehicle other than one of the 4 registered on the permit, 1 of the vehicles must be removed to allow the additional vehicle to be added to the permit.
  • For employees, one regular parking registration fee can be treated as a pre-tax payroll deduction, lowering taxable income. Additional permit numbers will be after-tax deductions. For annual faculty/staff permits purchased during the initial registration month of August, the parking fee can be payroll-deducted over a nine-month period. For any purchases after the open registration period, the payroll deduction period will be prorated based on purchase date. After 10 working days from the beginning of each semester, Southern Miss will charge a $5 late fee for vehicle registration, with the exception of newly hired employees. The late fee is due at time of purchase.
  • Major donors making a gift to the University through The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation are recognized as Honor Club members. Members are provided a special parking permit number. The parking permit number is valid in faculty/staff, resident, commuter, and open zone parking areas on all campuses. Honor Club members are invited to various special events hosted by the USM Foundation and the president throughout the year. For more information on how to join the USM Foundation Honor Club, please call:  601.266.5602, or click here to go to the Foundation Web site.
  • Only parking permit numbers and visitor passes issued by USM's Parking and Transit Services will be honored.


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