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Physical Plant

Alerts, Shut Downs & Detours


  • Exterior Building Cleaning

Cleaning of the exterior of The Hub, R.C. Cook Union and the Cochran Center are underway.  Please be observant of heavy equipment in the area and stay outside of the boundaries of the red caution tape.

  1. Wednesday (10/21) - Areas to be cleaned include the south side of The Hub and west side of the Union, stopping at the trash compactor. The south entrance of The Hub will be blocked.  
  2. Thursday (10/22) - The west side of the Union will be cleaned, from the trash compactor to the entrance to the Cochran Center.  The west entrance to the Union, as well as the adjacent sidewalk and half of West Memorial Drive will be blocked.    
  3. Friday (10/23) - Contractor maintenance day, cleaning will not take place.                                                                              
  4. Saturday (10/24) - Areas to be cleaned include the west side of the Cochran Center and Barnes and Noble.  The west entrance to the Cochran Center, south entrance of Barnes and Noble, one lane of Charles Lane, and the adjacent sidewalk will all be blocked.  


  • Sewer line Repairs at Bennett Auditorium

Repairs to a collapsed sewer line near the northeast corner of Bennett Auditorium are underway. Please be observant of equipment and workers in the area and stay outside of the boundaries of the construction gate.



  • Electronic Message Board Renovations

Renovations to the electronic message board located at the corner of Highway 49 and Hardy Street on the Hattiesburg campus began on Monday, Oct. 5. This project will include the installation of new LED video boards, replacement of the brick exterior, and installation of a new copper roof. Pedestrian access in the area will be limited, however, at least one sidewalk will remain open throughout the project. Several parking spaces along Championship Lane will also be blocked during the project. Pay attention to signage in the area and stay outside of the boundaries of the construction fence. Weather dependent, the estimated completion is April 2021.


Electronic Message Board


  • None at this time

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