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Service Fees & Cost Estimates

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Service Fees

Services provided by the Physical Plant are classified into two categories:  Physical Plant Services & Departmental Services.

  • Physical Plant Services

Physical Plant Services are those for which the Physical Plant receives budget allocation and are therefore rendered without charge.

Examples of Physical Plant Services include:

1.     Maintenance of academic structures

2.    Maintenance of walks, streets, driveways, landscaping and grounds

3.    Operating and maintaining utility systems

4.    Custodial services in academic buildings


  • Departmental Services

Departmental Services are the financial responsibility of various individual schools and departments, for which Physical Plant does not receive budget allocation. 

Charges to the requesting department are on a cost-only basis for labor and material when the work is performed by the Physical Plant.  A bid and/or cost estimates are received for services performed by vendors.

Departmental service requests should be submitted by budget authorities.  (Budget authorities should establish a policy on the matter of authorization for departmental services requests). This procedure is permissible if there is a clear understanding that when such requests are made there is an obligation on the part of the department to honor the charge, which will be processed in PeopleSoft following the rendering of services.

Examples of Departmental Services include:

1.    Alterations to buildings or structures assigned to departments and activities

2.   Addition of special equipment (laboratory equipment, venetian blinds, special lighting, etc.)

3.   Painting at a time other than that specified in the regular maintenance painting cycle

Cost Estimates

Requests for cost estimates for modifications, alterations or other tasks must be submitted on a request for cost estimate form and routed through the following for signatures before being submitted to the Physical Plant: department head, dean or director, the responsible vice president, senior associate provost for administration and operations and the vice president for business and finance for signatures.  The estimate will be prepared and returned to the originator of the request. Work may then be authorized by:

  1. Assignment of a PeopleSoft code for funding and routing to the Vice President for Business and Finance for approval.
  2. Requesting university administration approval and funding for the work from the vice president for Business and Finance. PeopleSoft code for funding will be assigned by Administration.


Download the Request for Cost Estimate Form (PDF).


The deadline to submit the Request for Cost Estimate form for work to be completed in the summer of 2024, is Monday, April 15.  Requests received after this date, will not be completed until the fall semester/. 

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