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Physical Plant


With a little more than 180 staff members, the Physical Plant Department supports 4.5 million square feet on the 315-acre site, which includes 42 academic & administrative buildings, 60 student and community support buildings, 13 athletic department and 17 Physical Plant facilities on the Hattiesburg campus.   


Leadership Team

Dr. Chris CrenshawDr. Chris Crenshaw

Associate V.P. for Facilities Planning & Management

 Email: christopher.crenshawFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4414



Neil BohnNeil Bohn

Physical Plant Director

Email:  neil.bohnFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5015



David BoundsDavid Bounds

Associate Director for Projects, Operations and Campus Landscape

Email: david.boundsFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6253



Shana Riles

Shana Riles

Associate Director for Business Operations

Email: shana.rilesFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6752



Clint Atkins

Clint Atkins

Assistant Director for Fire/Safety and Custodial Operations

Email: clint.atkinsFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5748



Michelle Shinall

Michelle Shinall

Assistant Director for Marketing & Campus Relations

Email: michelle.shinallFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4415


Anthony Herrin

Mechanical Engineer

Email: anthony.herrinFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6786

Sara Hill

Architect/Manager of Space Utilization 

Email: sara.hillFREEMississippi    

Phone: 601.266.4850

Josh McAlpin

Project Manager

Email: rickey.mcalpinFREEMississippi   

Phone: 601.266.5753

Barney Poole

Major Projects Manager  

Email: barney.pooleFREEMississippi%C2%A0    


Phone: 601.266.4428


Mike Dozier

Superintendent of Logistics & Pest Control Services

Email: mike.dozierFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5407 

Loren Erickson

Superintendent of Campus Landscape

Email: loren.ericksonFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6951

Terry Folks

Superintendent of Infrastructure, Construction and Transportation

Email: terrell.folksFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4465

Gabe Ladner

Superintendent of Electrical Services

Email: gabriel.ladnerFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4418

Kerry Page

Superintendent of Sports Fields

Email: kerry.pageFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4414

Kristie Radecki

Superintendent of Custodial Services

Email: kristie.radeckiFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5318 

Victor Watkins

Superintendent of HVAC and Plumbing Services

Email: victor.watkinsFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5780

Ronnie Williamson

Building Trades Supervisor

Email: ronnie.williamsonFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6464






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Physical Plant
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