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Physical Plant


With a little more than 180 staff members, the Physical Plant Department supports 4.5 million square feet on the 315-acre site, which includes 42 academic & administrative buildings, 60 student and community support buildings, 13 athletic department and 17 Physical Plant facilities on the Hattiesburg campus.   


Leadership Team


Neil BohnNeil Bohn

Physical Plant Director

Email: neil.bohnFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5015



David BoundsDavid Bounds

Senior Associate Director 

Email: david.boundsFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6253



Shana Riles

Shana Riles

Associate Director for Business Operations

Email: shana.rilesFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6752



Clint Atkins

Clint Atkins

Assistant Director for Fire/Safety 

Email: clint.atkinsFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5748



Michelle Shinall

Michelle Shinall

Assistant Director for Marketing & Campus Relations

Email: michelle.shinallFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4415


Anthony Herrin

Mechanical Engineer

Email: anthony.herrinFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6786

Sara Hill

Architect/Manager of Space Utilization 

Email: sara.hillFREEMississippi    

Phone: 601.266.4850

Josh McAlpin

Major Project Manager

Email: rickey.mcalpinFREEMississippi   

Phone: 601.266.5753

Michael McCullum

Projects Coordinator  

Email: michael.mccullumFREEMississippi%C2%A0    


Phone: 601.266.4339



Melissa Covington - Olsen

Interim Manager of Sustainable 


Phone: 601.266.4750

Michael Scully

Superintendent of Campus Landscape

Email: michael.scullyFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4414

Gabe Ladner

Superintendent of Electrical Services

Email: gabriel.ladnerFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4418

Todd Hawkins

Superintendent of Sports Fields

Email: todd.hawkinsFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4414

Kristie Radecki

Superintendent of Custodial Services

Email: kristie.radeckiFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5318 

Victor Watkins

Superintendent of HVAC and Plumbing Services

Email: victor.watkinsFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5780

John Jones

Superintendent of Building Trades

Email: jr.jonesFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6464



Grant Douglas 

Work Control and Inventory Manager

Email: david.g.douglasFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.5825

Carly Gustafson

Work Control and Graphic Design Specialist

Email: carly.gustafsonFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.6135

Cecilia Dawkins

Work Control Specialist 

Email: cecilia.dawkinsFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4417

Angela Carmichael

Accounting Clerk

Email: angela.carmichaelFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4422

Cathy Evans

Accounts Payable Specialist 

Email: cathy.evansFREEMississippi

Phone: 601.266.4416








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Physical Plant
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