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COVID-19 Response & FAQ's

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Updated - February 23, 2022

Cleaning and Disinfecting

The Physical Plant custodial team is using CDC and EPA guidelines for the cleaning of schools and universities. In addition to standard cleaning, enhanced cleaning protocols are being utilized to focus on frequent cleaning of high touch zone surfaces. 

Using appropriate personal protective equipment, the following high touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected as frequently as possible (min. 2-3 times per shift):

Door handles                          Handrails/Stair rails                Podiums

Light switches                         Desks and table tops            Appliances

Elevator buttons                     Counter tops                          Cabinet handles

Water fountains                      Trash can lids                         Sinks/Faucets

Glass doors/windows             Restroom stall doors             Chair arms

 Lounge seating areas           Toilet seats

In addition, the team implemented the use of electrostatic sprayers to increase speed and efficiency in cleaning surfaces, and facilitate more effective disinfection of rooms, including hard-to-clean surfaces.

Facility Improvements

Improvements have been made to air-handling and HVAC systems of 30 facilities on the Hattiesburg campus using a technology called bipolar ionization. The process involves installing equipment into each facility's ventilation system, where it produces a high concentration of positive and negative ions. The charged ions kill the virus by attaching to pathogens and disrupting their surface proteins, effectively rendering them inactive. They also cause particles to be attracted to each other, increasing the mass size and allowing the particles to be captured by HVAC filters. 



  Frequently Asked Questions

The hours of operation of the custodial team have been adjusted so that cleaning and sanitization of public spaces can take place with a limited number of occupants in each facility. Shift start times will vary between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. 

The custodial services team continues to stay up to date on CDC and EPA COVID-19 cleaning guidelines and has implemented updates to their cleaning processes accordingly. Training has been conducted via video and through in-person sessions on chemical usage, decontamination of Coronavirus positive spaces, and use of the electrostatic sprayers.  

Cleaning of classrooms will take place at least once per day (twice if time permits), 5 days per week, and will include removal of trash, disinfecting of desks, workstations and chairs. Classrooms will be vacuumed at least twice weekly.

Public restrooms are cleaned every Monday through Friday morning, and then again before the end of each shift. Staff will remove all trash, dust mop/sweep floors, clean all surfaces (walls, partitions, fixtures, sinks, counters, mirrors, trash containers, etc.) and apply disinfectant to the entire restroom with a spray bottle or electrostatic sprayer.

As high occupancy areas containing high touch surfaces, elevators will be cleaned 2-3 times per shift.

All requests for cleaning service must go through the Southern Miss Physical Plant.  For specific cleaning requests, please contact Custodial Superintendent, Kristie Radecki at 601.266.5318.

Yes, the filters are changed on a regular preventative maintenance basis by a contracted company.

In the interest of tracking COVID-19 related spending, you should not buy cleaning or sanitizing supplies, masks, face shield or gloves, unless they are normally used in your operation and are a core requirement for performing your duties. These items are being purchased in bulk by the Physical Plant to receive bulk pricing. 

University units with employees who are either required to wear a specific standard of PPE, or are required to wear uniforms provided by USM should submit purchase requests through Procurement and Contract Services by contacting Deidre Edwards, Buyer, at or 601.266.4132.


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