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School of Polymer Science and Engineering

The Covestro Lecture Series


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The Covestro Distinguished Lectureship is hosted annually by the School of Polymer Science and Engineering, and recognizes excellence in polymer science and engineering research, education and community outreach.

Covestro is one of the world's largest producers of polymers and high-performance plastics. Its innovative developments in coatings, adhesives, insulating materials and sealants, polycarbonates and polyurethanes significantly enhance the quality of our lives, particularly in the automotive and construction, electrical and electronics, household, sports and leisure sectors.



Dr. Karen Winey

Department Chair, Professor and TowerBrook Foundation Faculty Fellow of Materials Science and Engineering  

University of Pennsylvania

“Precise Polymer Microstructures Produce Nanoscale Morphologies for Improved Transport Properties”

 Contact: Prof. Xiaodan Gu, School of Polymer Science and Engineering
2019-2020  Dr. John R. Reynolds
Director, Georgia Tech Polymer Network Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics
Georgia Institute of Technology 
“Conjugated Polymers in Redox Active Devices”
2018-2019  Prof. Mark A. Hillmyer
McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair, Distinguished Teaching Professor
Director of the Center for Sustainable Polymers / Editor-in-Chief Macromolecules
University of Minnesota

"Renewable, Degradable and High-Performing Aliphatic Polyester Elastomers"


2017-2018 Prof Lyn Loo
Princeton University

2016-2017 Prof. Nancy R. Sottos
University of Illinois
"Polymers with Biologically-Inspired Autonomous Functions"
Hosted by Prof. Yoan Simon

Inaugural Covestro Lectureship (January 20, 2016)
2015-2016 Prof. Timothy Long
Virginia Tech
"The Allure of Noncovalent interactions in Polymer Design: Asking Nature for Help"
Hosted by Prof. Derek Patton

2014-2015 Prof. Kristi L. Kiick
University of Delaware
"Resilin-Based Hybrid Materials for Applications In Regenerative Medicine"
Hosted by Prof. Sarah Morgan

2012-2013 Prof Stuart J. Rowan Case
Case Western Reserve University
"Structurally Dynamic Polymers"
Hosted by Prof. Daniel Savin

2011-2012 Prof Geoffrey Coates
Cornell University
"New Routes to Benign Polymers"
Hosted by Prof. Jeffrey Wiggins

2010-2011 Prof Craig Hawker
University of California Santa Barbara
"Functionalized Nanostructures Based On Efficient Chemistry"
Hosted by Prof. Charles McCormick

2009-2010 Prof. Adi Eisenberg
McGill University
"Self-Assembly of Block-Copolymers"

2008-09 Prof. Eric Baer
Case Western Reserve University
"Layered Polymeric Systems by Forced Assembly"

2007-08 Prof. Byron Pipes
Purdue University
"From Metals to Polymers: The Coming Transition of the Aerospace Industry"

2006-2007 Prof. Joachim Kohn
Rutgers University
"Combinatorial Development of New Medical Implants"

2005-2006 Prof. Kristi S Anseth
University of Colorado
"Photopolymerized Hydrogels as Niches to Promote Tissue Regeneration"

2004-2005 Prof. Paula T. Hammond
"Thin Film Nano-assemblies: New Explorations of Multilayer Coatings"

2003-2004 Dr. Eric J. Amis
"Exploiting the Innovator's Dilemma: New Paradigms in Polymer Science"

2002-2003 Prof. Alan J. Russell
University of Pittsburgh
"Exploring the Interface between Materials and Biotechnology" 

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