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School of Polymer Science and Engineering

School of Polymer Science and Engineering

Polymer science and engineering is a multidisciplinary STEM field focused on this special class of molecules. Polymer materials are ubiquitous in almost every aspect of modern life, and advances in the field enable scientific and technological breakthroughs in a wide range of technical applications.

The School of Polymer Science and Engineering is nationally and internationally recognized for the achievements of its faculty, its level of research excellence and the quality of our students.

The school is home to numerous scientific, educational and outreach programs, institutes, and symposia sponsored by private, industrial and federal agencies.

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Our Programs

Students in all of our degree programs receive valuable education and training that prepares them for careers in academic, government, industrial settings or continuing their education in graduate and professional schools.




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School of Polymer Science and Engineering

202 Thames Polymer Science Research Center

Campus Hattiesburg

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Recent Highlights

Our Research

8+ million external funding awarded in 2018
34peer reviewed publications in 2018
60+patents by faculty members

At the heart of the success of the School of Polymer Science and Engineering is cutting edge, relevant research. Each faculty member of the school has developed an innovative and vigorous research program that attracts governmental and industrial funding.

Internal and external collaborations continue to expand the scope and recognition of our research into new and exciting frontiers. Research topics range from fundamental investigations to industrially important applied research and development problems.

Home to over $20 million worth of state-of-the-art research instrumentation, the school provides our students and partners access to the most useful and sophisticated techniques available.