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Jimmy Payne Engineering Design Lab

The Jimmy Payne Engineering Design Lab is space allocated to our senior Polymer Science and Engineering students working on their senior design projects.  This space is designed to allow students the freedom to explore ideas through collaboration and the creation of proof of concept or conceptual models.

 Available equipment

The Payne Engineering Design Lab houses an Ultimaker S5 3D printer equipped with dual extruders that allows students to 3D print intricate designs in high resolution. The Payne Engineering Design Lab also houses a DeltaMaker 2T 3D printer that offers high output 3D printing without sacrificing resolution or accuracy.  Available for use is a Faro 3D scan arm that allows students to scan real-world objects into SolidWorks for reverse engineering applications. Workstations with relevant software packages like SolidWorks and Cura are supplied in order to allow students to design and 3D print parts.

 Please contact Charles%20Collen to schedule the room.


This room was made possible by a generous donation from the Jimmy Payne Foundation.

 Jimmy Page Engineering Design Room Dedication

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