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School of Polymer Science and Engineering

SPSE Coatings Facilities

The School of Polymer Science and Engineering offers a full range of organic coatings raw materials synthesis and design, materials and coatings evaluations, characterization, development, small batch production, coatings application, and coating specific testing capabilities.  The facility is staffed with surface coatings experts in the form of faculty and full-time scientist that possess more than 100 years combined experience and are active and well-versed in the development of polymeric materials for coatings, adhesives, and sealants.  Testing services include Coating’s Industry standards along with a number of ASTM methods.  An overview of capabilities is detailed below.

Faculty Contact:  James Rawlins
Phone:  601-266-4781
Coatings Raw Materials Synthesis, Formulation, Production, and Application
  • Waterborne, solvent based, powder, and UV curable
  • Forced air ventilation paint spray booth (10’x8’x8’)
  • Powder coating spray booth/powder application
  • HVLP, LVLP, and conventional spray guns


QUV  Accelerated Testing
  • Q-Fog salt spray chamber
  • QUV accelerated weathering testers
  • Q-Sun Xenon Arc Test Chamber, Model Xe-3-HS
  • Prohesion chamber



 Surface Coating Testing Capabilities
  • Adhesion
  • Color
  • Conical flexibility
  • Contact angle
  • Film thickness
  • Gloss
  • Hardness
  • Impact
  • Mechanical analysis
  • Solvent resistance
  • Thermal analysis
  • Viscosity/Rheology


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