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Preprofessional Office

Preprofessional Office

Pursue An Education Beyond Your Undergrad

Do you aspire to pursue a career in law or a broad range of health-related professions including dentistry, veterinary medicine, physician assistant, pharmacy, optometry, and other fields? Complete your undergraduate education at USM and gain admission to both local and private professional schools, in your field of choice, with our guidance! Understand what "Pre-professional at USM" means, schedule an appointment with an advisor and get started with your professional journey today!

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Pre-Professional Health

Pre-Professional Health

Your journey in preparing for entrance into professional school, as you pursue one of the broad range of health-related professions, starts here!



Your journey in preparing for entrance into law school, as you pursue the legal career of your dreams, starts here!


Connect, Explore, Prepare, and Apply 

The pre-professional office can assist you in making informed decisions as you connect, explore, prepare, and apply for admission to professional schools.

 Our main goals are to:

  • Connect students to infinite resources and opportunities on campus for both academic and emotional support.
  • Assist students in exploring various careers in pre-law and healthcare to figure out the right pathway through advising.
  • Prepare students to determine readiness and competencies, as they navigate the application process for professional schools.
  • Support student success, as they apply for admission and pursue their dream career.


Some of our services include:

  • Arranging shadowing opportunities and providing mock interview sessions.
  • Presenting networking opportunities with admission officers, hosting speakers and scholarship info sessions.
  • Providing admissions test prep opportunities via courses designed for pre-professional students.
  • Resources with updated information on admission requirements and deadlines for a variety of professional schools.
  • Access to pre-professional organizations, such as AMSA and AED for healthcare and ABA and LSAC for pre-law.

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Preprofessional Office

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Legal Considerations for Pre-Professional Students

Effective July 1, 2004, Section 37-29-232 of the Mississippi Code requires that students enrolled in a healthcare professional academic program undergo fingerprinting and a criminal background check before any clinical rotation in a licensed health care facility may occur. The background check typically occurs after the student completes an interview at the professional school. Some students are denied entrance into healthcare professional programs because of criminal incidents from their past or failing to report those incidents on applications.



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