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  • Hatten Externship (BSC 392)
  • MCAT Preparation course (BSC 399)




Course Title Description
ACC 480 Law in Accounting 3 hrs. Prerequisite: BA 200. A study of selected legal topics relating to credit, financial, and accounting practices.
AEC 480 Professional Practice and Construction Law 3 hrs. Prerequisite: AEC 204. Overview of the Project Life Cycle. Special emphasis will be on phases of a project, various types of contracts, methods of specifying, and legal considerations and issues.
BA 411  Advanced Business Law

3 hrs. Prerequisite: BA 200 and junior standing. A study of selected legal topics relating to credit, financial, and accounting practices..
BA 200 The Legal Environment of Business 3 hrs. The study of the legal, political, and regulatory environment in which businesses operate. (CC 2413)
BCT 378 Residential  Land Development and Real Property Law 3 hrs. The study of how raw land is developed into finished residential lots, subdivisions and homes, and laws that affect residential real estate development and transactions.
BTE 475 Legal Secretaryship 3 hrs. A course stressing the professional aspects of legal practices, procedures, and terminology.
CJ 330 Criminal Law 3 hrs. Prerequisite: CJ 200. A survey of applied substantive criminal law with emphasis on the most common criminal offenses.
CJ 364 Child Abuse and the Law 3 hrs. Prerequisite: CJ 360. A study of child abuse and law emphasizing the protection of the child from prevention through prosecution and disposition of offenders.
CJ 431 Environmental Law A study of environmental law emphasizing regulation, enforcement, and detection of unlawful practices damaging to the environment. 
CJ  460 Juvenile Law and Administration 3 hrs. Prerequisite: CJ 360. A study of the law concerning investigation of juvenile offenders, disposition of offenders, and juvenile courts.
CJ 499 British Studies: Comparative Drug Law A comparative study of the instructional responses to drug abuse and drug related criminal offenses.
CJ 475 Private Security: Law and Loss Prevention 3 hrs. Basic concepts of the private security industry and the law that controls and directs the profession.
CJ 463 Family Law 3 hrs. A study of common law and statutory concepts of family relationships emphasizing legal remedies to crime in the family.
CMS 435 Communication in Legal Contexts 3 hrs. Theoretical implications, research findings, and persuasive strategies used in various legal contexts are studied.
DPH 470 Health Law and Justice 3 hrs. Prerequisites: DPH majors or minors only with 2.5 GPA. An examination of social and legal principles impacting health care delivery in the United States
FIN 430 Real Estate Law 3hrs. Designed to give the student a general background in real estate law covering such major points as land and its elements, easements, titles, deeds, recording, brokers and managers, contracts of sales, insurance, and landlord and tenant, with emphasis on case and problem solutions.
HPR 417 Legal Aspects of Recreation and Leisure Services 3 hrs. Prerequisite or Corequisite: HPR 322, 323. Legal issues related to leisure service management, including legal foundations, legal liability, land use policy, employment regulations, services for person with disabilities, and current issues.
HTM 471 Regulatory Legal Security Aspects of Casino Operations 3 hrs. Prerequisites: HTM 378 and Jr  and must be 21 years of age or older. An in-depth overview of the regulatory, legal, and security aspects of the casino/resort industry.
HTM 441 Legal Aspects of Hospitality and Tourism 3 hrs. Prerequisites: HTM 100, HTM 358, HTM 368, HTM 378. Origin, development and statutory law as it applies to the hotel and restaurant industry
KIN 468 Sport Law 3 hrs. SM or SCE majors or minors of junior or senior standing only. Application of law principles to the sports industry. Primary emphasis on tort liability for sport administrators and teacher/coaches.
LGL 420 Property Law 3 hrs. A survey of classical and modern approaches to real property, personal property, and the nature of interests held in property.
LGL 375 Oil and Mineral Rights Law 3 hrs. This class focuses on the nature and characteristics of mineral interests, the rights and duties of owners, mineral leases, the Rule of Capture, and staking of claims.
LGL 376 Contract Law and Negotiations 3 hrs. This course provides an introduction to negotiations and the law of contracts. It includes ethics, strategies, formation, defenses, breaches, remedies, and interpretation.
LGL  385 Law Office Computing and Management 3 hrs. A skills course which introduces computer applications in the law office, including Westlaw, Windows, word processing, automated litigation support, and specific law office management applications, such as timekeeping, billing, and docket control systems.
LGL 431 Topics in Comparative Law 3 hrs. A survey of comparative law paying special attention to the reasons for and methodology of comparative law as well as comparing and contrasting civil and common law traditions.
LGL 402 Legal Rhetoric 3 hrs. A study of the unique uses of language within the legal system, with an emphasis on vocabulary development cultural.
LGL 383 Legal Research 3 hrs. A summary of primary and secondary legal sources including reporters, digests, codes, citations, Westlaw, the Internet, and other basic research materials.
LGL 401 The American Legal Tradition 3 hrs. A survey of the history and evolution of the American legal system, with an emphasis on the role of law in government and the development of the legal profession.
LGL 381 Introduction to Paralegalism 3 hrs. An introduction to the profession, including history and development, ethics, the American legal system, and paralegal skills.
LGL 384 Legal Drafting 3 hrs. An introduction to writing correspondence, pleadings, discovery, legal memoranda, briefs, and other documents used in civil practice; writing intensive course (WI)
LGL 382 Civil Litigation 3 hrs. An introduction to civil litigation--the process of resolving disputes between individuals, businesses, and government through the court system, with emphasis on procedure.
LGL 386 Equity Practice 3 hrs. A study of the courts of equity and their jurisdiction in the American legal system, with emphasis on domestic relations, wills, and estates.
LGL 430 Jurisprudence 3 hrs. A survey of basic theoretical foundations of American law, including the common law/case law system, federalism, and major theories of jurisprudence.
LGL 421 Intellectual Property Law 3 hrs. A survey of the body of American law protecting human innovations, including the law of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
MCJ 460 Media Law Rights and constraints of the press, with emphasis on both legal and ethical considerations. A study of livel, copuright, monopoly, contempt, regulations, and other aspects of the law as applied to mass communication. 
MCJ 454 Media Law and Ethics 3 hrs. Course provides students with a broad understanding of the legal environment in which media institutions function and explore principles and case studies in mass media ethics.
MEA 480 Legal Aspects of the Media and Entertainment Arts industries 3 hrs. Prerequisite: MEA 101, 102, 103, 201. MEA 230 and 240 recommended. This course is an overview of the legal aspects and analysis of legal issues related to licensing, intellectual property and business operations in media and entertainment arts industries.
NSG 439 Legal-Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice 3 hrs. Provides basic knowledge of legal and ethical issues confronting nurses.
PHI 453 Philosophy of Law 3 hrs. An inquiry into theories of law.
PHI 253 Logic 3 hrs. The development of critical thinking and argumentative skills utilizing informal and formal logical techniques.
PHI 351 Critical Thinking 3 hrs. Various topics relevant to developing good reasoning skills.
PLG 461 Planning and Development Law 3 hrs. The legal context for planning and managing land use and development is provided in this course. The course also provides insight into environmental law as applied to planning.
PS 380 Introduction to Law in American Society 3 hrs. A basic course to familiarize students with the court structure, the legal profession, and the role of law in American society.
PS 431 International Law and Organization 3 hrs. The study of the functions of intergovernmental organizations in the modern world system
PS 480 US Constitutional Law 3 hrs. Prerequisite: ENG 101 & 102 and Senior Standing or permission of instructor.  An examination of the powers of the national government and the relationship between the national and state government using Supreme Court decisions; writing intensive course (WI)
PS 484 Administrative Law 3 hrs. An analysis of the procedures and powers of federal agencies
PS 485 International Law  3 hrs. The development of the modern law of nations with emphasis on conventions and cases
PS 488 Women and the Law 3 hrs. This course examines the constitutional and legal rights of women in the United States
PS 489 US Supreme Court and Civil Liberties 3 hrs. An analysis of the role of the U. S. Supreme Court in protecting individual rights. Primary focus is on litigation involving provisions of the Bill of Rights.
PS 481 The American Judicial Process 3 hrs. This course examines the political aspects of the staffing, the structure and the operation of the state and federal court systems
REI 340 Real Estate Law 3 hrs. Prerequisite: BA 200. The law of real property and the law of real estate brokerage
SPA 361 Spanish for Law Enforcement 3 hrs. For Criminal Justice majors or minors only. Not for Spanish majors and minors. Intensive language training for law enforcement personnel with special emphasis in oral communication
SPE  470

Legal Aspects of Special Education 3 hrs. Prerequisites: SPE 121, 400, 402, 430. This course focuses on the legal and advocacy knowledge needed by special education teachers in today's public and private schools.
WGS 427 Family Law 3 hrs. A study of common law and statutory concepts of family relationships emphasizing legal remedies to crime in the family.
WGS 421 Women and the Law 3 hrs. This course will examine the constitutional and legal rights of women in the United States through an examination of case law.


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