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Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to get a check issued to a vendor?
Typically, payment can be expected within two weeks of the invoice being received in Accounts Payable; however, this is contingent upon the Invoice and the Remittance Voucher meeting all audit requirements to process the payment. If signatures or additional information is required, the process could take longer. Should there be extenuating circumstances that require the check to be issued sooner, please reference the date needed in ‘Special Instructions’ and hand deliver it to the Accounts Payable Manager, Shelia Sims.

Are original invoices required?
Yes. State law requires that we have the original invoice. (MISS CODE 7-7-27)
Will my department be responsible for late charges on invoices?
Yes, if late charges have been assessed (MISS CODE 31-7-305). It is important for your department to review and submit invoices in a timely manner to Accounts Payable. If invoices are held for extended periods in a department, the University’s relationship with the vendor may be compromised and other departments may not be able to receive goods or services until the invoices are cleared.

My invoice has an error; can I mark through the error and correct it then send it to Accounts Payable?
No, if there is a mathematical error, short shipment of items, unauthorized substitution of goods, etc., the vendor must correct the invoice and a new invoice issued. Exception – if sales tax was billed inappropriately, cross out the sales tax amount, subtract from the invoice amount, and note the correct net amount on the invoice.
Where can I get a tax-exempt certificate?
The tax-exempt certificate for Mississippi is located in the Accounts Payable Forms section. The University is tax-exempt in most states. If making a purchase outside of Mississippi, you will need to check our status in that state. A list is provided on the Tax Compliance website -

Where can I get a W9?
Form - Instructions -

How do I stop payment on a check?
Call Accounts Payable with the PO Number, the name of the vendor, amount of the check, check number (if known), and the reason to stop payment.

What do I do if I receive an invoice or a credit memo in the department?
Make sure the PO number is listed on the invoice and mail it to Accounts Payable - Box 5104.

When can I pickup my check?
Checks are mailed each week on Friday unless there is a holiday or a weather related University closure. If the Department has indicated IN ADVANCE on the PO or the Remittance Voucher that they need to pickup the check for payment, they will be contacted when the check is ready on Friday before noon.

How do I acknowledge receipt of items ordered or services received?
The department must verify receipt of items purchased on a PO. Accounts Payable CANNOT process payment until verification of goods received have been reflected on the PO. Departments now have the ability to receive items in SOAR-FIN. For instructions on marking items as received, please view the Requisition Training Manual.

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