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Procurement and Contract Services

Staff Directory

Procurement Services consists of Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Travel, Contracts, Receiving and Property Accounting offices. Below is the general assignment of responsibilities to our personnel. These may vary from time to time depending upon the workload and personnel reassignments.

Procurement & Contract Services

Steve%20Ballew, Director, 601.266.4131

Jacob%20Cochran, Senior Associate Director Procurement and Auxiliary Services, 601.266.6904


Deidre%C2%A0Edwards, Buyer, 601.266.4132

Workflow Requisition Entry and Approval Training; Books and Instructional Supplies; Contract Services; Physical Plant; Residence Life Purchases; Janitorial Supplies; Maintenance Contracts; Dues; Food Purchases; Subscriptions; Athletic Equipment and Supplies; Fuelman; Ammunition; Landscaping; Equipment Rental Contracts (Copiers, etc); Independent Contractor Payments; Insurance; Printing and Related Items (Advertisements, Awards and Trophies, Binding, Novelty Items, Printing and Clothing); Hotel & Travel


Amber%20Floyd, Buyer, 601.266.4855

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals; Music and Musical Instruments; Audio/Visual Equipment; Computer Hardware; Computer Software; Standing Orders; Cell Phones; Telecommunications Equipment; Vehicles and Related Supplies (Batteries, Tires, etc.); Golf Carts; Furniture; Medical Equipment and Supplies; State Contract Office Supplies; Guest Artist and Performers; Scientific Equipment and Supplies


Jasmaine%20Keys, Vendor Maintenance Specialist, 601.266.4135

  • New Vendor Entry and Vendor Maintenance
  • Procurement Card Review and Inquiry

Accounts Payable & Travel

Shelia%20Sims, Manager Accounts Payable & Travel, 601.266.5668

  • 1099 Misc
  • Petty Cash
  • A/P & Travel Problem Resolution

Misti%20Harrison, Assistant Accounts Payable Manager, 601.266.4107

  • Remittance Voucher Entry
  • Employee Reimbursement
  • Wire Transfers

Gwen%20Hill, Accounts Payable Specialist, 601.266.5087

  • Invoice Entry Hattiesburg Campus PO's Vendors A-L
  • Invoice Entry All Gulf Coast Research Laboratory PO's

Vacant, Accounts Payable Specialist, 601.266.4131

  • Invoice Entry Hattiesburg Campus PO's Vendors M-Z
  • Invoice Entry All Gulf Coast Campus PO's

Bonnie%20Housley, Travel Coordinator, 601.266.4038

  • Foreign travel, Athletics, Group travel w/students
  • Permission to Travel, Advances, Exception advances
  • Travel Deposits, Collections, Payroll Deductions
  • Travel General Ledger issues, Forms, Website, Vehicle Contract Issue
  • Travel Policy Issues 
April%20McDonald, Assistant Travel Coordinator, 601.266.4699
  • A-Z Domestic Travel Vouchers
  • A-Z Domestic Travel Error Sheets

Procurement Card

Leketha%20Hughes, Procurement Card Administrator, 601.266.6711

Martha%20Greene, Procurement Card Specialist, 601.266.4135

Property Control

Physical Address: USM Property Control Division 2609 West 4th Street Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Mailing Address: USM Property Control Division 118 College Drive #5086 Hattiesburg, MS 39406

Fax: 601.266.6137
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 A. M. to 4:00 P. M.

Bill%20Bailey, Property Control Manager, 601.266.4302

Vacant, Property Accounting Supervisor, 601.266.4439

Charles%20Thompson, Senior Property Clerk, 601.266.6274

Becky%20Riles, Property Clerk, 601.266.4658

Michael%20Keene, Receiving and Warehousing Supervisor, 601.266.5431

Gulf Coast Research Lab

Millissa%20Stork, Purchasing Coordinator, 228.818.8001
Vacant, Assistant Purchasing Coordinator, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Pcard Administrator, 228.818.8001

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