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Procurement and Contract Services (PUR) - To view the individual Purchasing policies listed below, please visit USM Institutional Policies.

  • Accounts Payable Policies and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-001)
  • Barnes & Noble Department Purchase Policy (ADMA-PUR-006)
  • Conference Cards, Student I.D. Cards Policy (ADMA-PUR-007)
  • Fleet Management Policies and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-018)
  • Gift Card and Gift Certificate Purchase Policy (ADMA-PUR-013)
  • Hospitality Policy - Allowable Entertainment and Miscellaneous Expenditures (ADMA-PUR-002)
  • Hospitality Policy - Prohibited Entertainment and Miscellaneous Expenditures (ADMA-PUR-003)
  • Miscellaneous Purchasing Procedures (ADMA-PUR-015)
  • New Employee Moving Policy (ADMA-PUR-004)
  • Payments to Individuals - Documentation and Processing (ADMA-PUR-014)
  • Petty Cash Policy and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-016)
  • Property Accounting - Policies and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-017)
  • Purchasing Policy (ADMA-PUR-012)
  • Travel Policies (ADMA-PUR-005)
  • University Catering Policy (ADMA-PUR-008)
  • University Snack Policy (ADMA-PUR-009)
  • Vendor Maintenance Procedure (ADMA-PUR-010)

Step 1.  Determine the Vendor’s Status:  Check with Accounts Payable to determine if the payment will be made to a new vendor or a current vendor. If the vendor is a new vendor, go to Step 2. If the vendor is a current vendor, go to Step 4.

Step 2.  Determine the Vendor Type: In order to make a payment, the University must have a federal form signed and on file. The federal form requirement is based on the vendor type. More information can be found on the How to Do Business with the University of Southern Mississippi under Tax Information for Vendors

Step 3.  Request New Vendor Setup: Send the signed federal form and the new vendor request form to accounts payable for vendor setup. Tax Compliance approval may be needed before the vendor can be added to our operating system. A new vendor approval request will be submitted to Tax Compliance by Accounts Payable when applicable.

Step 4.  Payment Processing: Complete and submit the approved Remittance Voucher. Be sure to include the required wiring information on the remittance voucher, the invoice, and any other required documentation to Accounts Payable for payment processing.

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