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Procurement and Contract Services

Purchasing Cards

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Our Card Programs offer the university a way of doing business by providing Visa credit cards to end users in the departments. The cards provide an easy, familiar purchase method that will greatly improve customer service by reducing order time for small dollar purchases (under $5,000 per transaction) for both commodities and services.

The program helps to lower the overall administrative costs for processing small dollar purchases from order through payment. For every purchase that is made using the card, the processing time and effort the department, Purchasing, and Office of the Controller put forth individually to pay for that order is reduced.

When purchases are made on the Procurement Card or Equipment Card the cardholder is required to upload itemized receipts (and other support documents as needed) and assign account/budget strings to the transaction in SOARFIN.  Go to You will then log in with your w+emplid and campus ID password.


Procurement and Contract Services (PUR) - To view the individual Purchasing policies listed below, please visit USM Institutional Policies.

  • Accounts Payable Policies and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-001)
  • Barnes & Noble Department Purchase Policy (ADMA-PUR-006)
  • Conference Cards, Student I.D. Cards Policy (ADMA-PUR-007)
  • Fleet Management Policies and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-018)
  • Gift Card and Gift Certificate Purchase Policy (ADMA-PUR-013)
  • Hospitality Policy - Allowable Entertainment and Miscellaneous Expenditures (ADMA-PUR-002)
  • Hospitality Policy - Prohibited Entertainment and Miscellaneous Expenditures (ADMA-PUR-003)
  • Miscellaneous Purchasing Procedures (ADMA-PUR-015)
  • New Employee Moving Policy (ADMA-PUR-004)
  • Payments to Individuals - Documentation and Processing (ADMA-PUR-014)
  • Petty Cash Policy and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-016)
  • Property Accounting - Policies and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-017)
  • Purchasing Policy (ADMA-PUR-012)
  • Travel Policies (ADMA-PUR-005)
  • University Catering Policy (ADMA-PUR-008)
  • University Snack Policy (ADMA-PUR-009)
  • Vendor Maintenance Procedure (ADMA-PUR-010)


The prerequisite for obtaining a card is Financial Training. It’s important to know the financial structure of the university (account codes, budget strings, projects, business units and eagle vision).  Contact the Controller’s Office to set up training or email controllersofficeFREEMississippi, to request access to the online training course.  Proof of completion required. 


Under no circumstances should a personal online account or personal shipping address be used for USM purchases. All online accounts for official USM business should be opened with your USM credentials and shipped to a USM address.

Items purchased with Equipment Card (Ecard) will receive a Property Asset Tag for inventory. Verify Equipment Items and Exceptions requirements before purchase.

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