Common Errors When Submitting Documents for Payment

Most Common Errors When Submitting Invoices for Payment

  • Invoice sent to A/P without approval by signature authority
  • No PO referenced on Invoice
  • No PO created for Invoice
  • Goods received have not been referenced in SOAR-FIN
  • Original Invoice has not been received in A/P

Most Common Errors Submitting Remittance Vouchers or Employee Reimbursement Vouchers

  • Original itemized receipt, invoice or supporting documentation is not attached
  • Purchase order required. Submit on a Requisition and send to Purchasing Box 5003
  • Purchase order required. All equipment must be purchased with a PO. If purchased by individual, reimbursement must be processed on a PO.
  • Travel voucher required (All reimbursements for employee registrations, mileage and travel)
  • Provide social security number and address
  • Budget string is invalid or has not been provided
  • Provide Proof of Payment (copy of - front & back - cancelled check or copy of credit card statement)
  • Obtain signature of approved expenditure authority (other than the payee)
  • Need more detail regarding purpose of payment.
  • See USM Entertainment Policy and give more detail
  • Not allowed by USM Entertainment Policy
  • Payee appears to be a nonresident alien. For further instructions, contact the Tax Compliance Officer at (601) 266-6625.
  • Transfer of funds to University Foundation is unallowable
  • Payee is currently on University Payroll. Contact Human Resources (6-4050) for guidance on appropriate University form(s) required for processing payment.
  • The payee must be hired as a university employee and paid through HR/Payroll. Contact HR for guidance on appropriate University form(s) required for processing payment.
  • Completed Form W-9 must be attached
  • Personal Services Agreement and invoice (signed by the contractor/payee) must be completed and sent to Purchasing on a Requisition (Box 5003).