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Department of Procurement and Contract Services

Purchase Order Procedures

The purchase order at The University of Southern Mississippi is a consecutively computer-numbered form used as the contract for goods and services.

The purchase order form is designed to give each person, department, or vendor all the information they need about the contract.

Purchase orders are issued by the Purchasing Department against properly approved and recorded requisitions originated by the departments. Departments should promptly check their copy of the purchase order against the requisition submitted. Any error or discrepancies should be reported immediately to the Purchasing Department.

CHANGE ORDERS: Changes in an issued purchase order must be authorized by the Purchasing Department. In such instances the Purchasing Department will issue a change order (purchase order alteration). It is handled in the same way as the original purchase order it replaces or changes.

CORRESPONDENCE WITH VENDORS: It is university practice that all contracts or correspondence pertaining to negotiations affecting purchases or prospective purchases, that involve prices, terms, conditions, and delivery shall be carried on by the Purchasing Department. Further, all correspondence pertaining to a purchase order which has been placed and which involves prices, terms, conditions, delivery, quantity, substitutions, complaints, or anything whatsoever involving the commitments shall be carried on by the Purchasing Department. Direct correspondence by a faculty or staff member is accepted practice on all other subject matters, such as availability of specified requirements, technical information, instructional information, request for literature, etc.