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Department of Procurement and Contract Services

State of Mississippi Contract Information

The State of Mississippi through the Office of Purchasing and Travel has many items that are on state contracts. There are three (3) types of state contracts: (1) negotiated contracts, (2) competitive bid contracts, and (3) agency contracts.

  1. Negotiated Contracts - Proposals are accepted from vendors for this type of contracts. These proposals are evaluated with a contract being awarded to all vendors when prices are competitive.

  2. Competitive Bid Contracts - These contracts are established on the basis of written specifications and sealed competitive bids with a contract being awarded to the vendor that has submitted the lowest bid that meets the specifications. All state agencies are required to purchase from the awarded vendor.

  3. Agency Contracts - The agency contracts are established on the basis of competitive bids or negotiation by a specific agency. The agency contract must be approved by the office prior to any purchases being made. The availability of agency contracts to various agencies is dependent upon the terms of the agreement and a determination by the office that the prices should be available to other agencies.
To search for Contract Bids and see an alphabetical listing of them, visit the State of Mississippi DFA State Contracts webpage.