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Transfer of Equipment

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Types of Equipment Transfer

  • Temporary Transfers
  • Interdepartmental Transfers
  • Transfer to Surplus
  • Transfer to an Agency Outside of Mississippi
  • Loan of University Owned Equipment
  • Leaving the University



The loan or transfer of furniture or equipment between departments for short periods need not be reported to Property Accounting; however, the department head to which the property is assigned will be held accountable for the loaned item and should, for his/her protection, require a memorandum receipt for furniture or equipment loaned to another person or department. This receipt should be available for presentation when requested. This equipment should be verified whenever requested and a currently dated Location/Loan Receipt presented if the item is not available for viewing.



The Property Contact from the transferring department and the receiving department will utilize the Transfer Module portion of The Asset Management Software (AssetWorks) to perform permanent interdepartmental transfers.



Equipment declared surplus, obsolete, or salvage by a department is transferred to the University Surplus Property Department (Location code 960029 in AssetWorks), 2609 West 4th Street. These items are available for use and can be obtained from Surplus without charge.* Item(s) may be brought to this location if easily carried or picked up by the Physical Plant Transportation Department. Please use the Asset Management Software to initiate the transfer. After initiating the internal transfer print the transfer detail report, enter a Physical Plant work order and fax a copy of the transfer detail report to extension 4444. Call 266-5431 if you are interested in viewing or obtaining Surplus Property.

*There is not a charge for the picking up of surplus equipment and delivering it to Surplus. There is a charge for delivering equipment from Surplus to a department.



Furniture or equipment may be transferred to another state or government agency after written approval has been received from the Office of Purchasing and Travel and/or any other governing agency. Property Accounting should be notified of the property transfer. This notification should include the description, serial number, and inventory number, reason for transferring and present condition of the property. See “Purchasing Policies and Procedures.” For government-owned property, contact the Office of Research Administration (ORA). Property Accounting will receive notification from the Purchasing Department that the property has been transferred to the other agency and will then delete the property from the inventory and send a report to the State Audit office.



Restrictions to the loaning of University-owned or government-owned equipment are: (a) the equipment is used in furtherance of the University's work in direct benefit to the University with the results being reported to the University; (b) the equipment is not commercially available; and the recipient is liable for any loss or damage to the equipment while it is in his or her possession. The recipient is also responsible for the cost of any packing, crating, and transportation from origin to destination and return. Prior to lending University-owned or government-owned equipment, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the University's administrator. Prior agency approval is also required for government-owned equipment. Any loans must be coordinated through the Property Accounting Manager to ensure proper updating of the records. Property retrieval from loan recipient will be the responsibility of the department administrator.



Title to all property at the University is held by the University or in custody for external agencies. The general rule is that property in the University may not accompany a faculty or staff member leaving the University or moving to another institution. Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the criteria adopted by the Administration. The criteria for determination of transferability of equipment and/or funds to another institution at the request of faculty members terminating their faculty appointment here and transferring activities to another institution are as follows:

1. At no time will title to equipment vested in the University of Southern Mississippi be transferred directly to the terminating faculty member.

2. Transfer of equipment may be considered when:

a. It is or was the specific intent of the donor that the equipment is or was to support the work of the terminating faculty member rather than a program of the University and the equipment ownership should be transferred to the institution to which the faculty is moving.

b. The equipment was purchased from funds supporting an on-going program that the donor or granting agency will continue at the new employing institution.

c. The equipment is government-owned and the faculty has the prior written approval from the agency that furnished the equipment to transfer the equipment to the new employing institution.

When an exception is made, the University requires formal acknowledgment of receipt from the faculty member's new institution. These items will be removed from the University of Southern Mississippi’s master inventory list when a copy of the acknowledgment is forwarded to the Director of Procurement, Office of Research Administration (ORA), and the Property Accounting Manager.



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