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Department of Procurement and Contract Services

Vendor Maintenance Procedures


Procedure for adding new vendors to the vendor database:

When it is determined that a new vendor will need to be added to the University’s Vendor Database, the following procedure will be followed: For New domestic vendors:

 a.   Vendor must complete a Vendor Registration Form.

 b.   Vendor must complete a W-9 form 

Federal Tax Form W-9Instructions

 c.   Once Documentation is received, the Vendor Maintenance Specialist will log into the Federal Excluded Parties List System (EPLS), enter the vendor Social Security Number for Individuals or advanced search with Name, State/Country, or Tax Identification Number for vendors to determine if the individual/vendor is currently on the excluded parties list. If the search brings back no results, a copy of the search results are printed and filed with the vendor records. The vendor is then added to the vendor database. If the EPLS search finds a match, the vendor information is either returned to the requesting department or the vendor, informing them that the University cannot do business with the vendor until such time as they are removed from the excluded parties list..


For New International Vendors:

If a determination is made by a University Department that an international vendor will need to be added to the University’s Vendor Database, the following procedure will be followed:

 a. Requesting department is responsible for e-mailing the Foreign Corporation Information form and the W-8BENform to the prospective vendor. Once the department has received the completed form, it should be sent to the Office of Tax Compliance for review.

 b. The Office of Tax Compliance will notify the requesting department of any additional IRS forms needed before the vendor can be added to the vendor database.

 c. Once all required documentation is received, The Office of Tax Compliance will send all necessary paperwork to the Vendor Maintenance Specialist who will follow the EPLS procedures described in section c. of the domestic vendor procedure prior to adding the vendor to the Vendor Database.


Ongoing Vendor Verification Procedures:

Monthly Vendor Validation

Once a month, updates to the excluded parties list are downloaded and compared to all of the University’s active vendors.  Any names that match are then searched in detail on the Excluded Parties List System.  If a USM vendor is found to match the EPLS, they are inactivated and no longer used.  If need arises for future use, they must first be cleared from the EPLS before being reinstated as active vendors.

The following website is commonly used to find excluded individuals/entities: