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University Vision, Mission & Values


The University of Southern Mississippi is a community of engaged citizens, operating as a public, student-centered, doctoral-granting research university serving Mississippi, the nation, and the world. The University is dedicated to scholarship and learning, integrating students at all levels in the creation and application of knowledge through excellence in teaching, research, creative activities, outreach, and service.  The University nurtures student success by providing distinctive and competitive educational programs embedded in a welcoming environment, preparing a diverse student population to embark on meaningful life endeavors. 


The University of Southern Mississippi aspires to be a model student-centered public research university that prepares students to thrive in a global society by providing high quality programs and transformative experiences in a community distinguished by inclusiveness.


The mission of the institution is supported by the following values: 

  • Research and instructional excellence focused on student success at all teaching sites and through campus-based and distance education
  • Student engagement that fosters personal growth, professional development, and a lifelong commitment to wellness
  • An inclusive community that embraces the diversity of people and ideas
    Institutional governance that respects academic freedom and faculty inclusion
  • A campus culture characterized by warmth and mutually-supportive connections among students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • An approach to academics, research, and personal conduct based on integrity and civility
  • An evolving curriculum that fosters lifelong curiosity and critical thinking
  • Community participation that promotes social responsibility and citizenship



1.     Support student success to foster retention, progression and graduation 

1.a.  Implement comprehensive student recruitment, success, and retention efforts.
1.b.  Provide deliberate interventions for underprepared and/or underperforming students.
1.c.   Promote opportunities to further enhance the quality of students’ educational experiences.

2.     Promote teaching, research, and creative excellence  

2.a.  Develop, promote, and support teaching and campus citizenship.
2.b.  Develop, promote, and support scholarly research, creative output, and professional engagement.
2.c.   Expand the depth and breadth of funded research and creative programs.

3.     Strategically expand undergraduate and graduate enrollment  

3.a.  Support current and new high-interest degree programs with growth potential.
3.b.  Implement intentional, targeted marketing and recruitment strategies.
3.c.   Explore and support alternative course delivery options for programmatic flexibility.
3.d.  Coordinate enrollment and admissions initiatives across academic affairs.

4.     Strengthen economic and community partnerships 

4.a.  Grow commercialization activities that move research initiatives from the laboratory to the business incubator and ultimately to new businesses in the marketplace.
4.b.  Utilize faculty and staff expertise to promote external partnerships.
4.c.   Promote strategic economic development that will attract businesses to the region and utilize academic research to bolster the local and state economy.
4.d.  Highlight and promote the university’s significant role in improving and enhancing quality of life in Mississippi and beyond.
4.e.   Leverage partnerships to enrich student learning opportunities (internships, job shadowing, etc.)

5.     Invest in faculty and staff to maximize their potential 

5.a.  Identify, invest in, honor and celebrate our academic program strengths and accomplishments.
5.b.  Reward excellence in teaching, research and service.
5.c.   Build compensation, opportunities, and infrastructure to develop and retain faculty and staff.
5.d.  Provide and sustain competitive packages to recruit high quality faculty and staff.

6.     Promote a culture of inclusiveness of people and ideas 

6.a.  Hire, retain, and develop strong, diverse faculty and staff whose talents align with institutional priorities.
6.b.  Utilize and support faculty and staff expertise, foster collaboration, and enhance shared government.
6.c.   Promote diversity and encourage inclusiveness in the student body.
6.d.  Promote diversity and encourage inclusiveness across curricula and in all educational programming.

7.     Enhance physical, technological, and financial infrastructure to support our mission, vision, and values

7.a.  Focus on enhancing learning environments and modalities when renovating or modifying existing and adding new academic facilities
7.b.  Develop technology, processes, and procedures to facilitate continuous improvement in academic affairs.
7.c.   Incentivize revenue-generating initiatives.
7.d.  Facilitate and improve communication within academic affairs and with other units to guide and inform infrastructural changes, procedures, and policy changes.

8.     Improve efficiency and effectiveness of institutional processes and systems

8.a.  Identify practices, procedures, and systems to review for effectiveness.
8.b.  Evaluate policies to reduce duplication and improve consistency.
8.c.   Provide technology and training to enable effectiveness at all levels.



Insert college mission and goals here, with mapping to the Academic Master Plan. (Colleges/schools should focus on a minimum of three strategic goals).



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