Brad Dufrene



Research Interests

Prevention of Emotional and/or Behavioral Disturbance in young children experiencing health disparities; treatment integrity in applied settings; functional behavior assessment

Curriculum Vitae



Current Teaching

  • PSY 432 Behavioral Interventions
  • PSY 643 Psychoeducational Assessment II
  • PSY 771 Practicum in School Psychology
  • PSY 772 Applied Behavior Analysis 

Recent Publications

Dufrene, B.A., Zoder-Martell, K., Dieringer, S., & LaBrot, Z.  (In press).  Behavioral analytic consultation for academic referral concerns.  Psychology in the Schools. 

Reisener, C., B.A. Dufrene, Clark, C., Olmi, D.J., Tingstrom, D.H. (In press).  Selecting effective interventions to increase math computation fluency via brief experimental analyses.  Psychology in the Schools. 

Zoder-Martell, K. A., Dieringer, S. D., & Dufrene, B. A. (In press).  Applied behavior analysis for academic referral concerns in school: Introduction to the special issue.  Psychology in the Schools.

LaBrot, Z.C., Dufrene, B.A., & Pasqua, J. (In press). In Situ Training for Increasing Head Start Aftercare Teachers’ use of Behavior Specific Praise. Journal of Behavioral Education. 

Mitchell, R., Tingstrom, D.H., Dufrene, B.A., Sterling, H.E., & Ford, W. (2015).  The effects of the Good Behavior Game with general education high school students.  School Psychology Review, 44, 191-207. 

Lambert, A.M., Tingstrom, D.H., Sterling, H.E., Dufrene, B.A., Lynne, S. (2015).  Effects of tootling on classwide disruptive and appropriate behavior of upper-elementary students.  Behavior Modification, 39, 413- 430. 

Miller, L., Dufrene, B.A., Olmi, D.J., Tingstrom, D.H., & Filce, H. (2015).  Self-monitoring as a viable maintenance strategy in Check-in/Check-out.  Journal of School Psychology, 53, 121-135. 

Miller, L., Dufrene, B.A., Sterling, H.E., Olmi, D.J., & Bachmeyer, E.  (2015). The Effects of Check In/Check Out on Problem Behavior and Academic Engagement in Elementary School Students.  Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 17, 28-38. 

LaBrot, Z., Dufrene, B.A., Ness, E., & Mitchell, R. (2014).  Functional Assessment and Treatment of Trichotillomania and Skin-Picking. Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, 3, 257-264. 

Blaze, J.T., Olmi, D.J., Mercer, S.H., Dufrene, B.A., & Tingstrom, D.H. (2014).  Loud versus Quiet Praise: A Direct Behavioral Comparison in Secondary Classrooms.  Journal of School Psychology, 52, 349-360. 

Bellone, K., Dufrene, B.A., Olmi, D.J., Tingstrom, D., Barry, C. (2014).  Relative efficacy of function-based and mystery motivator interventions in preschool children attending Head Start.  Journal of Behavioral Education, 23, 378-400.  DOI: 10.1007/s10864-014-9196-6 

Zoder-Martell, K. A., Dufrene, B. A., Tingstrom, D. H., Olmi, J., Jordan, S. S., Biskie, E. M., Sherman, J. C. (2014). Training direct care staff to increase positive interactions with individuals with developmental disabilities.  Research in Developmental Disabilities, 35, 2180-2189. 

Dufrene, B.A., Lestremau Harpole, L., & Zoder-Martell, K. (2014).  Direct behavioral consultation: Effects on teachers’ praise and student disruptive behavior. Psychology in the Schools, 51, 567-580.  DOI: 10.1002/pits.21768