Master's Program in ABA

Overview of the Program

The Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi offers both a thesis and a non-thesis program in Applied Behavior Analysis. Graduates of this program will earn a Master of Science degree with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis.

The program is a 45 hour, 2 year program. 

The program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts and to pursue doctoral education in psychology, behavior analysis, or another related field, if desired. The program offers a curriculum approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) that meets the educational requirements to sit for the BACB exam.

The program utilizes the same Data-Based Problem Solver Model of training used in the School Psychology Ph.D. program. See our Training Model for more information.

The program, in conjunction with our Doctoral Training Program in School Psychology, offers an outstanding group of faculty, all of whom remain on the cutting edge of research. This is a particular strength of our program, with faculty having published in such respected journals as the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Modification, Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Journal of Behavior Education, Education and Treatment of Children, Organizational Behavior Management, Child and Family Behavioral Therapy, School Psychology Review, and School Psychology Quarterly.


 Our Mission

The mission of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) emphasis area within the Master of Science degree in Psychology is to strengthen the discipline of Behavior Analysis as both a scientific discipline and a professional occupation through the production of highly skilled behavior analysts. These data-based problem-solvers will possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to become certified and licensed in the field of behavior analysis in accordance with the standards and guidelines set forth by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).


Our Commitment

As a program, we are committed to:

·         Preparing students to enter the field as highly qualified, knowledgeable, and prepared behavior analysts.

·         Training data-based problem-solvers who use high quality objective data to improve the lives of the clients         with whom they work, and to make informed decisions regarding advancing our knowledge base within the field.

·         Partnering with students, faculty, and academic/private institutions to inform research and practice and to       expose students to cutting-edge experiences.

·         Preparing behavior analysts for doctoral-level study in Psychology or Behavior Analysis.

·         Providing cutting-edge instructional and practice experiences in the science of human behavior



The deadline for Fall admissions is March 1st. Please click here to apply.


Financial Support

While we diligently negotiate with public and private entities to offer financial support in the form of external assistantships, we cannot guarantee such support. When funding is available, such determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis. Absent of external funding, this program does not offer internal financial support, such as tuition waivers or graduate assistantships. Please visit our Financial Aid page ( for more information about any available aid.