Program Requirements

 Program Requirements


The primary requirements for the Ph.D. program include:


1. Completion of 128 semester hours consisting of the five-year curriculum, including a one-year (10 months/1500 clock hours) internship.  Students entering with prior graduate work will be credited with those training elements in which the student is judged proficient.**

2. Completion of the M.A. degree requirements unless accomplished during previous graduate study.

3. Completion and successful defense of a thesis, which also satisfies the Master’s Comprehensive requirement. Students entering the program with previous graduate work, but no empirical thesis, must complete a supervised research project to satisfy this requirement.

4. Satisfactory performance on the doctoral comprehensive examination. The doctoral comprehensive examination currently consists of a set of questions prepared by the student's doctoral committee and is administered in the summer or fall of the year the student anticipates applying for internship.

5. Completion and successful defense of a dissertation.

**Proficiency will be determined by the School Psychology Training Faculty and/or the course instructor designated by the School Psychology Training Faculty.  Proficiency may be determined in a numbers of ways, including but not limited to review of course syllabi, examination, and/or demonstration of mastery for a specific skill.  Students are advised that PSY 661 (Quant I) and PSY 642 (Psychoeducational Assess I) are two courses that will always require demonstration of proficiency before waiver of course credit; however, this policy may apply to other courses as well.

Please Note:  Students must register for 3 hours of PSY 898 during the semester in which they defend the dissertation. ABD students must comply with the University’s continuous enrollment policy. Failure to meet the continuous enrollment policy may result in the student having to re-apply to the graduate office, pay a re-application fee, and a fine of twice the cost of one semester hour.