Student Aid

The majority of students requesting aid receive some support through graduate assistantships and research grants. Departmental stipends are currently $7200 for both Assistantship appointments. Stipends are for 9 months and include waiver of fall and spring tuition. Summer tuition waivers for a limited number of credit hours may be available as well. There are often a number of outside assistantships available in school districts and other applied settings for more advanced program students, and program faculty select students for such opportunities on the basis of student skills, professional maturity, and performance in the program. These outside assistantships also typically include waiver of all tuition and frequently provide considerably higher stipends (e.g., $13,000 to $17,000). 

The Department provides careful academic advisement for all students and counseling services are available through the University Counseling Center. Graduate students are provided access to a variety of computer services at no charge. Limited on-campus housing is available for married students, and the Hattiesburg area offers a wide selection of off-campus housing.