Group Counseling

Processing and Support Groups

Group counseling is offered to enrolled students who meet the criteria for the particular group of interests.  Several groups are offered throughout the academic year and provide the opportunity for students to obtain a mutual exchange of support and education by interacting with others will similar distress or concerns.  If you are interested in participating in or desire more information regarding these groups, please contact our office at 6012664829 to speak with a professional. 


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Below you will find a comprehensive list and description of the groups we offer for the upcoming semester:



Graduate Student Support Group

Facilitator: Dr. Christopher Humpage


A group designed for graduate students to discuss their experience and management of these concerns in an environment of understanding and support.


            Graduate Students

             Intake and Assessment

Group time and location: Mondays  3:30-5pm     Student Counseling Services Conference Room 


Support and Skill Building Group

Facilitator: Matt Quin, LMFT


This group will provide educational discussion and skills training on topics such as anxiety and stress management, study skills, identifying emotions, relationships and others. 


            Intake and Assessment

Undergraduate Students

Group time and location: Wednesdays   1-2:30pm     Student Counseling Services Group Room 



Success for the First Year

Facilitator: April Estill, LCSW


A safe confidential space for first year students to process adjustment challenges experienced and learn skills for surviving the first year of college.



Group time and location: Wednesdays   10:30a-12p           Student Counseling Services Group Room


Women Sexual Assault Survivors

Facilitator: Michelle Howard, LMSW


A weekly meeting for those who have experienced sexual trauma to discuss experiences, share feelings, and gain support from one another in a safe confidential environment.



Intake and Assessment

 Group time and location: Wednesdays     3:30-5p      Student Counseling Services Group Room 



*If you are already involved in a group and need to complete an online evaluation form, click here.