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Please read before scheduling: 

  • If you do not see any visible appointments, or have specific questions, please call 601-266-4829 during regular business hours (M-F, 8A-5P) to schedule an appointment.
  • Online scheduling is only offered for new services & screeners.  If you are already receiving counseling services or have received counseling services in the past at Student Counseling Services, please discuss appointments with your therapist or contact 601-266-4829 to reschedule.
  • If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please visit our office at Bond Hall East today or call 601-266-4829 immediately.  You can receive support with no appointment 24/7.


New Client Scheduling Information:

  • After scheduling a first screening appointment, paperwork is sent out via e-mail on the day of your appointment, and must be completed prior to the appointment.  This will serve as your check-in.  You must fill out all requested information to check-in.  Please check your spam folder at the e-mail on file for information about your screening appointment.
  • If a student does not complete their screening paperwork in advance of the meeting, we will consider them a no-show for their service and log-in information will not be sent.  You may call 601-266-4829 to reschedule.
  • Once you have checked in, your therapist will send you information to log into session.
  • Due to services committed to other students, if you arrive more than 5 minutes late to a screener, you will need to reschedule.  Please call 601-266-4829 to reschedule.  
  • Screener appointments typically last 20-30 minutes on a confidential and HIPAA compliant Zoom platform. 


Schedule my first appointment


What is a screener appointment?

  • Screener appointments serve as an opportunity for staff to quickly assess the best fit for your needs and make recommendations.  Screener appointments are not counseling sessions.  However, by the end of the screener, you and the staff will discuss resources for campus or community referrals related to counseling and more.
  • The staff will ask about your concerns, symptoms, and needs.  They will, also, gather information about your past mental health treatment (if any).  From there, you will receive a recommendation for mental health care or other resources.  The staff will help you with scheduling a follow-up appointment online or at our site if that is their recommendation.
  • Screener appointments are hosted by our licensed counselors via a confidential, HIPAA compliant Zoom platform.  In order to help us maintain your confidentiality, we recommend that you attend your Screening in a private space where you are able to feel as comfortable as possible.  


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