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Jump Scholars Program

The Jump Scholars Program allows incoming freshman students the opportunity to get a JUMP start on their college experience by participating in a three week, success camp experience. The Jump scholars program allows students to register in one of three different intersession classes. The program is designed to allow incoming first year students time and support during through their transition to college life.

Students live in their freshman residence hall, enroll in one academic course, and participate in weekly success presentations and community building programs. The academic success workshops are held throughout the program to teach students strong academic success skills and allow students to adjust to campus life before the start of the fall semester.

Applications for the fall 2021 program are now closed.

Still have questions or want to know more? Please watch a recording of our informational session here!

**Courses offered for the Jump Scholars program are tentatively announced and are subject to change.**

MAT 101- College Algebra

ART 130- Art Appreciation

SOC 101- Introduction to Sociology

Learn about the Powell Scholarship for Jump Scholars! 


Meet our 2021 Jump Ambassadors

 Jump Ambassador

Austin Lindsey

Austin is a Junior Media and Entertainment Arts major. He wanted to be an ambassador so he could help others become more developed and involved on campus.

His favorite part of being in the JUMP program was the social events and friendships he made, along with the connections he made with his professors.

Jump Ambassador

Kyrstin Maddox

Kyrstin is a Junior Biomedical Sciences major. She wanted to be an ambassador because she wanted to help encourage scholars who may have fears starting college.

Her favorite part of being in the Jump program was the field trips, connections to campus, connections to the Hattiesburg community, and becoming a TRiO scholar that helped her succeed in her first year.

 Jump Ambassador

Elexis Ollie

Elexis is a Junior Biological Sciences Major. She wanted to be an ambassador to help incoming students transition to being a college student as her ambassadors did for her.

Her favorite part of being a JUMP Scholar was making lifelong friendships with other scholars and having the opportunity to get a start on her college career.

Jump Ambassador

Madison Hudson

Madison is a Junior Speech Pathology and Audiology major. She wanted to be an ambassador to help incoming first-year students the same way her ambassadors helped her.

Her favorite part of being a JUMP scholar was getting to know campus before everyone moved in, the friendships she made, and getting a start on her college career.


Mckenzie Mcdavid

Mckenzie is a Senior Architectural Engineering Technology major. She wanted to be an ambassador to assist incoming first year students in their transition to campus through academics and involvement. 

Her favorite thing about mentoring first year students is connecting with them and providing them with real and resourceful information that will help them in college. She values personal connections and desires to make lasting impacts on anyone she encounters. Mckenzie loves working with first year students and helping them succeed in all they do.

 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Participants may be expected to wear a mask or facial covering that covers their mouth and nose while on campus. Guidelines may be in place that require social distancing and/or limited attendance.  Additional information will be provided and updated as Covid-19 guidelines change.

Fall 2021 tuition, housing, and meal plan costs cover the August 2021 intersession period. There is no additional cost for the program, except for textbook costs and personal expenses.

The program is included in the full 2021-2022 academic year so scholarships will go toward covering semester costs!

If you have dual enrollment for each of the classes offered, the Jump program might not be the best fit.  Participants are required to select one of the Jump course sections offered during the intersession period.

Jump scholars will move into their fall housing assignments prior to the program starting!

The Jump scholars program will start approximately 3 weeks prior to the start of the fall semester.  Specific dates for move in and class starting will be announced as they are solidified.
The intersession period is a three-week academic session before the beginning of the full term each semester. These classes are included in a student's total enrollment for the semester. For example,  a student who is enrolled in 18 semester hours in the fall could take a three credit hour intersession course before the fall. As a result, they only have 15 hours of classes during the 16 week semester.
Yes. Our Jump Scholars are required to live in on-campus housing for the 2021-22 academic year.
Yes! Jump Scholars are able to reside in any first year residence hall on campus, and may select their preferred roommate even if they are not a Jump Scholar as well.




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