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Title IX


Faculty and Staff Resources

Benefits all eligible employees, as well as anyone in their household. This program includes confidential emotional support, mental health counseling, work-life solutions, legal guidance, and financial resources.

Phone: 800-272-7255

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The University of Southern Mississippi does not discriminate in its admission practices, employment practices, educational programs, or activities on the basis of sex/gender. Sex/gender includes sex, sex stereotypes, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and pregnancy or parenting status. The University also prohibits retaliation against any person opposing discrimination or participating in any discrimination investigation or complaint/grievance process internally or externally. Sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking are forms of sex discrimination, which are prohibited under Title IX and by USM’s Title IX Sexual Harassment policy. Reports of misconduct, questions regarding Title IX, and concerns about noncompliance should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator. For a complete copy of the policy or for more information, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Assistant Secretary of Education within the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).  

Rebecca Woodrick Malley, Ph.D. 

Title IX Coordinator 

129 Cook Library, HBG Campus 

Work Phone: 601.266.6804 

Cell: 601.520.0593 



Office for Civil Rights 

U.S. Department of Education 

1999 Bryan Street, Suite 1620 

Dallas, TX 75201-6810 


 Rights and Resources for International and Immigrants 

The Violence Against Women Act requires that institutions provide written notice to students and employees about “existing counseling, health, mental health, victim advocacy, legal assistance, visa and immigration assistance, student financial aid, and other services available for victims, both within the institution and in the community.

The State University of New York System (SUNY) worked with immigration law to develop a two-page, plain-language resource that describes additional rights and resources available to immigrant and international student victims/survivors of violence.

If you need this the Title IX Policy and Procedures translated into a different language, please email so that we can check to see if we can provide the content in the language that you need.   

Translations are the copyright of the State University of New York and are used with permission" and include a link to the SAVR page, SUNY SAVR Resources. We are grateful to the New York State Department of Health for its support of these translations.