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TRIO Student Support Services Program

Frequently Asked Questions

The TRIO-SSS program at Southern Miss provides outstanding, individualized, and exclusive support and offers a wide range of targeted and beneficial services. All of our activities are designed to help our scholars to achieve their academic and personal goals, and gain exposure to varied experiences as well.

TRIO programs across the country have been helping students realize their dreams for more than 50 years, and the TRIO-SSS program at Southern Miss is proud to continue that tradition on this campus for more than 20 years.

Nothing! The TRIO-SSS program is funded through the Department of Education designed exclusively for students who meet the eligibility criteria. There is no cost to enrolled TRIO-SSS Scholars! All that is asked is that you take full advantage of the resources available to you.

The time commitment largely depends upon you. It might be a few hours each semester or a few hours each week. However, scholars are required to participate in at least two (2) SSS financial literacy, career development, and student success workshops and events per semester. TRIO-SSS meetings, workshops, tutoring, and events are offered to help ensure your success at Southern Miss and beyond.

The primary goal of TRIO-SSS is to guide and assist scholars in achieving academic success, persisting through college, and ultimately, in receiving a Bachelor’s degree within six years of the college enrollment date. Typically, participants connect with TRIO-SSS during their first year at Southern Miss and remain in the program until they graduate. Continuing students who are upperclassmen at Southern Miss are also eligible and encouraged to apply.

To apply to the TRIO-SSS, visit our office in McLemore Hall Room 201 on the Hattiesburg campus. Prospective students must complete an application, and submit it along with a copy of their family’s prior year tax documents or the current year’s FAFSA Student Aid Report. TRIO-SSS Staff can help you access the latter within our office if you have your FAFSA log-in information with you. 

Once eligibility is determined, you will need to schedule an intake interview with the TRIO Director or Assistant Director to discuss your program of study, goals, and develop an individualized academic plan.

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TRIO Student Support Services Program

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