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Drug Rehabilitation Access in Rural MS: Expanding Telehealth
Caitlin Phillips

Access to drug rehabilitation in rural areas is incredibly limited, especially in places such as Mississippi. Approximately 21 million people in America are currently struggling with addiction, yet only about 18% of those people had access to rehabilitation. There are many reasons one would choose to forgo treatment, but in rural Mississippi, it is difficult (or impossible) to reach treatment facilities for some people.


The Efficacy of Zinc Salts as Flame-Retardant Additives for Epoxy-Amine Networks
Ryan Richardson

As regulations continued to tighten around flame retardant additives, halogenated additives have been phased out. Due to this, a new class of flame retardant additives is needed for polymeric materials.


Perceptions of Juvenile Justice Workers in the Deep South
Heather Gillespie

In the United States, juvenile incarceration is a common occurrence, with about 38,000 youths being placed in long-term residential facilities every year (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention [OJJDP], 2018). While previous research has identified several evidence-based practices that may aid in rehabilitating justice-involved youths, there appears to be a gap in the literature regarding how often these practices are available and the barriers that may prevent their successful implementation.


Unraveling the Mummy: The Effects of Natural Mummification of The Degradation of DNA
Marissa Gandolfo-Muller

As demonstrated through casework and research studies (Hawass et al., 2010; Gielda & Rigg, 2017), anthropogenic mummification and modern day embalming can expedite degradation of DNA. Current research in the field of forensic mummification is sparse and little research has been done on quantifying naturally mummified DNA (Leccia et al., 2018; Shved et al., 2014) . This research focuses on observing and quantifying the differences in DNA degradation of specimens that have been naturally mummified. 



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