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School of Accountancy

Mission Statement

Supporting the missions of The University of Southern Mississippi and the College of Business and Economic Development, the School of Accountancy has its own unique mission.

The School of Accountancy’s mission is to provide a quality educational experience for accounting students in the Gulf South region enrolled in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree level programs. This educational experience includes mastering technical skills and professional competencies, and extends beyond the classroom to include interacting with the accounting and business community. An integral part of this mission is to prepare students for launching a successful career in the accounting profession.

reviewed and approved by the faculty, 4/11/13

To accomplish this mission, the School of Accountancy strives to produce undergraduates who are prepared for entry-level business and accounting positions, and have the educational background necessary for advancement in public, corporate, and governmental accounting organizations. Our curriculum includes the breadth and depth of business and accounting knowledge as well as the professional skills needed to ensure that graduates of the program possess the competencies necessary to succeed in these organizations. 

As the knowledge required to practice accounting is expanding rapidly, qualified students are encouraged to pursue a fifth year of study leading to a Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA). The undergraduate accounting curriculum is integrated with the MPA program. MPA graduates are especially prepared for careers in public accounting, and meet the course and credit hour requirements to sit for the nationally administered Certified Public Accountant examination.

School of Accountancy faculty are actively engaged in academic, professional and pedagogical research to advance the accounting discipline, the accounting profession, and accounting education. Through research and professional development, accounting faculty continuously hone their professional skills while ensuring curricular material is both current and relevant. Faculty also fulfill institutional and professional service responsibilities, establishing and maintaining close ties with accounting firms located within the Gulf South region, thereby enabling the School of Accountancy to better serve this important constituency.

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