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Aerospace Studies

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The vast majority of Air Force jobs do not involve flying at all. In the Civilian world, there are thousands of jobs and careers - doctors, lawyers, law enforcement officers, engineers, financial advisors, food service managers- the list is endless. For almost every civilian in the work force, there is an Air Force officer counterpart performing a similar job.

Careers for Air Force Officer

  • Aviation
  • Intelligence
  • Space and Missile Operations
  • Combat Systems
  • Weather Service
  • Acquisitions
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Communications


Benefits of Being in Air Force ROTC

  • Scholarship for tuition and books
  • Monthly stipend while on scholarship or enrolled in Professional Officer Course
  • ROTC classes count as academic credit toward the completion of most degrees
  • Visits to the Unites States Air Force bases
  • Orientation flights

Benefits of Being in the Air Force on Active Duty

  • Advancement opportunities
  • Competitive salary and allowances
  • 100% tuition assistance toward advanced degree completion
  • Retirement eligibility after 20 years
  • 30 days leave with pay each year
  • Medical and dental care
  • Unlimited sick leave with full pay
  • Officers' clubs, on-base swimming, golfing, bowling and tennis facilities


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