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Campus Recreation

Meet Our Staff



Mark Crager

 Mark%20Crager, Director of Campus Recreation

 Jason Darby Jason%20Darby, Associate Director for Programs
 April Jordan April%20Jordan, Assistant Director for Marketing and Public Relations 
 Bill Powe Bill%20Powe, Aquatics and Outdoor Adventures Coordinator 
 Janice Eaton Janice%20Eaton, Payroll Specialist 
 Pam Bullard Pam%20Bullard, Assistant Director for Budget and Operations 
 Raquel Goley Raquel%20Goley, Facilities Coordinator 
 Samantha Lamb Sam%C2%A0Lamb, Fitness and Wellness Coordinator
Josh Brunson Joshua%20Brunson, Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports 
 Kelvin Doss %C2%A0Kelvin%20Doss, Graduate Assistant of Fitness and Wellness
  Will Potosky, Graduate Assistant of Aquatics and Outdoor Adventures
 Londyn Thomas Londyn%20Thomas, Graduate Assistant of Facilities and Events
 Tucker Paschen Tucker%20Paschen, Graduate Assistant of Facility Operations
  Ki-Jana Potee, Graduate Assistant of Intramural and Club Sports
Chancee Davis Chancee%20Davis, Graduate Assistant of Marketing


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Campus Recreation
Payne Center
118 College Dr. #5155
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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