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Campus Recreation Policies

Payne Center Usage

Students that are active /currently enrolled in Southern Miss satellite facilities are welcome to show their student ID, swipe in, and use the Payne Center when they are on the Hattiesburg campus.

Children's Policy

For participation purposes, the department of Campus Recreation defines a child as anyone 15 years of age or younger. Children may use the Payne Center during the following periods: any Friday beginning at 5pm; Saturdays and Sundays during Fall and Spring Semesters; any day during summer semester or holiday breaks. During the summer semester, children with adult supervision (REC Cardholders) can use approved areas of the Payne Center. Children 15 years of age and younger are not allowed on the upper-level (exceptions may be made for tours).

  • Locker Room Policy - Female patrons may not take a male child into the women’s locker room; male patrons may not take a female child into the men’s locker room. Exception: is for the Natatorium locker room – an adult may accompany a child if the child is unable to accompany themselves.
  • Gymnasium and Table Tennis (first level) - No age restrictions, the child must be supervised by an adult. 
  • Racquetball and Squash Courts - 12 years and older with adult supervision.
  • M.C. Johnson Natatorium - For children younger than 12 years, an adult must supervise and remain in the Natatorium. For children 12 years and older, the adult may leave the child in the Natatorium provided the child passes a swim test given by the lifeguard, but the adult must remain in the Payne Center.
  • Wisteria Circuit Training room, Work Out Zone and Group Exercise class - Children 15 years of age and younger are not allowed.
  • Atrium and Overlook Lounge - No age restrictions, but child must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Rock Wall - No age restrictions, but child must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Instruction Policy 

No private instruction of patrons is allowed in the Payne Center facility. The only approved private instruction is by Payne Center employees.

Membership and Guest Policies

Each Rec Cardholder is allowed to bring in guests, using a separate guest pass to sponsor each guest. A Campus Recreation guest pass is valid for one person to enter the Payne Center for one visit for $10/day. REC Cardholder must remain with the guest at all times and he/she is responsible for the actions of the guest. Guests must show picture ID to enter the facility (16 years of age or older). Each guest is allowed up to three (3) passes per semester.  Children (15 years of age and younger) may only use the Payne Center during the following periods with a parent or guardian who is a REC Cardholder: Friday’s beginning at 5pm; Saturdays and Sundays; semester breaks; or holidays (refer to Children’s Policy and Spectator Policy for further information).  

Rec Card Policy


Campus Rec, at its sole discretion, may terminate REC Card privileges if a cardholder:

  1. fails to pay his or her monetary obligations to Campus Rec, whether under these rules and regulations, or otherwise.
  2. fails to adhere to rules and regulations
  3. willfully damages any facility of equipment
  4. enters incorrect or false information on his/her application form
  5. violates any government laws or regulations, or rules of The University of Southern Mississippi and its affiliates
  6. damages Campus Rec's or the university's names and reputation through any actions
  7. fails to act in an orderly manner or engages in improper conduct
  8. fails to comply with instructions by staff regarding policies

A cardholder whose REC Card privileges are terminated shall thereafter no longer be entitled to the programs and services provided by Campus Recreation. Any REC Card issued must be surrendered for cancellation. A cardholder may only resume participation and shall only be eligible upon approval of his/her new application for REC Card privileges by Campus Rec.


REC Card privileges shall be lost if there is:

  1. discontinuation of activity fee payment by the cardholder
  2. termination of cardholder privileges in accordance with "Termination of REC Card Privileges"
  3. death of the cardholder
  4. termination of family plan in accordance with the relevant provisions of the rules and regulations of Campus Rec


Upon the loss of REC Card privileges, the REC Card must be returned to Campus Rec immediately.

If the REC Card (card issued by Campus Rec) is lost or damaged, Campus Rec should be notified, and a new REC Card shall be issued. A charge of $5 will be assessed to the cardholder for card replacement. Records will indicate that the initial card shall be void.


As per the cardholder agreement, the cardholder is obligated to pay his/her activity fees whether he/she participates or not. Should a cardholder desire to terminate, the cardholder must notify Campus Rec in writing and send in his/her REC Card. The cardholder is obligated to pay his/her REC Card fees up to the date that Campus Rec receives notification of termination. Thereafter, should the cardholder wish to rejoin, the cardholder must complete a new application.

In the event of lost REC Card privileges under "Termination of REC Card Privileges" clauses, Campus Rec shall not refund the balance of any fees received in advance.

Transfer of Rec Card Privileges Prohibited

REC Card privileges may not be transferred under any circumstances.

Application for Rec Card Benefits

Any person who wishes to become a cardholder must meet user group eligibility as stated in the REC Cardholder Eligibility/Fee Schedule on the application form. Campus Rec may verify the information stated in the application and obtain further information on the applicant in any manner Campus Rec may deem appropriate.

Campus Rec shall notify the applicant of the acceptance or denial of the application. An applicant whose application is accepted by Campus Rec shall become a cardholder if and when the appropriate activity fee is paid to Campus Rec. Upon such payment, Campus Rec shall issue an activity card (REC Card) or validate the applicant's approved university-issued identification card (Southern Miss ID). Either card will provide the cardholder with the benefit of the REC Card.

Courtesy Pass

A participant without his/her university ID or REC card, may receive one courtesy pass per semester.  The participant must provide their number and name and be verified via photo in the computer system by Welcome Desk.  If the participant has already been issued a courtesy pass during the semester, he/she will be required to pay the $10 for a guest pass. A participant may present a government issued photo ID to enter the facility in place of their university ID. 

Eagle Club/Honor Club

Any patron who donates $500-$10,000 falls into the Eagle Club category and is eligible to purchase a Rec Card for one year. Honor Club members are those who donate in the $10,000 and above category and are eligible to receive two REC Cards for the first year based on their level of giving. Eagle Club and Honor Club members’ names are listed in the print out provided by the Alumni Association. If their name is not in the print out and it is after business hours, the CSOD should issue a courtesy pass.  Take the customer’s name and number and the Facility Coordinator will follow up the next business day. (See Welcome Center staff for more details)

Oshner Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

This group of senior citizens may utilize the Payne Center during regular building hours. OLLI members will purchase the Emeritus/Retiree/OLLI Membership through the Welcome Center desk.  Members of this group will use their Campus Recreation identification card for admittance. 

Guest Pass

A Rec Cardholder is allowed to bring in guests by using a guest pass to sponsor the guest. The guest pass is valid for one person for one visit only. The REC Cardholder must remain with the guest at all times and he/she is responsible for the actions of the guest. Any misuse of facilities/ equipment or disregard for policies/ procedures on the part of the guest may result in termination of REC Card privileges. Guests must present picture ID to enter the facility (16 years of age or older) which will be secured at the Sales Desk for the duration of the guest visit.  Each guest is allowed up to three (3) passes per semester.  A fee of $10 per guest will be charged for each visit for adult and child. 

Special Rec Pass

A special Rec pass allows a guest to enter the facility and check out equipment without a sponsor.  A special Rec pass may be requested only by the professional staff through the Director of Campus Recreation.


A military membership is available for anyone with a military ID. 


Southern Miss Alumni are allowed to purchase a membership to the Payne Center.  Alumni must be a current member of the Southern Miss Alumni Association or purchase the Alumni Association membership through the Payne Center Welcome Desk in order to start their Payne Center membership.

Student Group Policy

If a student group (Dixie Darlings, track team, basketball teams, Southern Misses, etc.) has made a reservation to utilize the Payne Center, the students are allowed to enter the Payne Center without their student ID cards by providing their ID number, IF they come in as a group. Students coming in by themselves will be required to have their student ID cards to enter the Payne Center. If the student does not have their ID card, they are allowed to have one courtesy pass per semester or can pay the $10 guest pass fee.  They must be escorted to the group.

Spectator Policy

Guests may enter the Payne Center if accompanied by a REC Cardholder to watch Intramural Sports events for a $10 per person fee. They must show proper identification upon entering the facility and fill out the required guest pass in the sales office/Welcome Center. The current Payne Center children’s policy will be followed for Intramural events in the Payne Center. 

Special Event Spectator Policy

Guests may enter Payne Center but must go directly to the reserved facility and remain there during the event. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Campus Recreation children policy is not in effect based on age, time or day of week. Children are prohibited from the second floor unless approved by the Campus Recreation Director. Children can not be left unattended even if a parent is participating.  

Academic Class Policy

A student who is attending an academic class held in the Payne Center must swipe in using their Student ID in order to enter through the turnstile.  IF they do not have a Student ID, they will be escorted to class by a Facility Supervisor.  Their student ID is preferred to swipe them through.  Students may have to wait for the Facility Supervisor to become available.

Activity Fee

Upon approval, the cardholder shall pay Campus Rec an activity fee in the amount prescribed in the fee schedule.

The REC Card is valid only for the duration for which the activity fee has been paid. The activity fee does not entitle the cardholder to any proprietary interest in facilities managed by Campus Rec. The cardholder cannot participate in Campus Rec programs unless the cardholder is in compliance with the activity fee policies listed below.

Upon expiration of the activity fee period, if a cardholder elects to retain Rec Card benefits and Campus Rec approved the application, the cardholder is responsible for the activity fee due for the next fee period.

Activity fees are paid in an amount prescribed in the fee schedule.

Failure on the part of the cardholder to keep fees current shall result in the termination of REC Card benefits.

Locker Rental

Nominal fees shall be charged to cardholders for rental of lockers. The locker rental program corresponds to the expiration date of the Rec Card. Locks will be provided.

Change of Information

In the event of any change in the information stated on the REC Card application form (such as name, address, etc.), the member should notify Campus Rec in writing immediately.

Closure of Facilities

Campus Rec reserves the right to limit access to, or temporarily or permanently close facilities in case of any emergency, natural disaster, socio-political or economic changes, or for other reasons that may require closure.

Amendment of Rules and Regulation and Fee Structure

Campus Rec may, at its sole discretion, make such amendments to the rules and regulations, or the schedule fees, at any time and from time to time, without prior notice or individual notice to each cardholder. Such amendments shall be binding for all cardholders.

Method of Payment

Fee payment for REC Card, and other programs, services and facility or equipment (including lockers) rental offered by Campus Rec shall be made by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or through Southern Miss payroll deduction.

Assumption of Risk

A cardholder who participates in Campus Rec activities will be doing so at his/her own risk. Campus Rec and the university are not liable for any accident, injury, loss or damage to personal property suffered by a cardholder or guest while in facilities managed by Campus Rec or participating in any Campus Rec activity. Campus Rec and the university do not carry any insurance program to cover participants. Participation in any Campus Rec activity is on a voluntary basis. All cardholders are strongly encouraged to undergo a health evaluation and consult with their personal physician so indicating fitness level appropriateness for strenuous activity prior to participating in any Campus Rec activity.

Payne Center Signage

All signage must be approved by the Assistant Director for Marketing and Public Relations and the Director.  

Signage at Welcome Center


  • Current and proper identification (valid University of Southern Mississippi student, staff, or faculty ID card, REC Card, or valid guest pass) is required to enter this facility.
  • Food and beverages are restricted to the Atrium and Overlook Concourse.
    Shoes and shirts are required at all times.
  • Street shoes are prohibited on wood floors.  (No hiking boots)
  • Campus Recreation is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal items.
  • Help prevent theft.  Secure valuables in personal lockers located near Equipment Issue.
  • Personal stereo equipment may only be used with headphones.
  • Participation in Southern Miss facilities is at participant’s own risk.
  • Southern Miss does not provide insurance coverage for participants.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.

Signage in Free Weight Room


  • Proper attire (closed-toe shoes, shirts, etc.) is required at all times.
  • No one under 16 years of age is allowed in this area.
  • No food or beverage is allowed - only water in closed bottles.
  • No loitering on equipment is allowed.
  • Equipment may not be removed from Free-Weight Room.
  • Dumbbells and plates must be returned to racks after use.
  • Dropping dumbbells or plates is not allowed.
  • Leaning of dumbbells, barbells, or plates against walls or mirrors is not allowed.
  • Use of collars is mandatory.
  • Standing on benches or equipment frames is not allowed.
  • Olympic-style pulling or pressing movements and dead lifts are not allowed.
  • Benches should only be moved by fitness staff.
  • Use of a spotter is recommended.
  • Chalk is not allowed.
  • All equipment should be wiped off immediately after use (towels are available at equipment issue)
  • No bags allowed in Free Weight Room. 
  • No gum chewing allowed in free Weight Room. 

Signage in the WorkOut Zone

WorkOut Zone Policies

  • Proper attire (closed-toe shoes, shirts, etc.) is required at all times.
  • No one under 16 years of age is allowed in this area.
  • No food or beverage is allowed - only water in closed plastic bottles.
  • No loitering on equipment is allowed.
  • Equipment may not leave Work Out Zone.
  • Dumbbells must be returned to racks immediately after use.
  • Dropping dumbbells or weight stacks is not allowed.

  • Standing on benches or equipment frames is not allowed.
  • Chalk is not allowed.
  • All equipment should be wiped off immediately after use (towels are available at Equipment Issue).
  • No gum chewing allowed.

Signage for Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall Policies

  • No one is allowed in the climbing area unless you have checked in and a USM rock wall supervisor is present.
  • Only participants who have completed the USM waiver process are allowed to climb.
  • All top rope climbers must be belayed by a supervisor or a USM belay certified participant and must use proper climb/belay commands and communication.
  • All bouldering climbers must stay below the third panel line and must stay clear of all top rope climbers. Do not cross routes.
  • Only USM climbing equipment or supervisor approved equipment is allowed in the climbing area.
  • Clothing must be safe and modest. Only USM climbing shoes or supervisor approved athletic shoes are allowed in the climbing area.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the climbing area except bottled water.
  • Observers, non-participants or unused climbing gear are not to be on the blue mat while active climbers are present.
  • A figure 8 follow through with at least a 4” tail is the only knot allowed on the USM rock wall.
  • Observe and practice safe climbing techniques. Dangerous or unsafe behavior will result in suspension of climbing privileges.
  • USM supervisors have the right responsibility to suspend any participants from climbing if they do not abide by the rules or equipment does not fit properly.
  • Please report any problems such as accidents, loose holds, damaged equipment, or unsafe climbing/belaying to the on-duty rock climbing supervisors immediately.

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