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Rule Interpretations

Protests involving rule interpretations will be considered immediately following the incident in question. Play will be suspended until an Intramural Sports Supervisor rules on the protest. If a team continues to play without calling the supervisor to the game site, then that team forfeits its right to a protest. Protests will not be honored after play has resumed. Judgement calls cannot be protested.

Player Eligibility

Protests concerning player eligibility must be submitted to an Intramural Sports Supervisor before or during the contest in question. The protests will be ruled on by the Intramural Sports Coordinator the following day.

Mandatory Penalties

The following mandatory penalties shall occur whenever an individual is ejected by any Intramural Sports employee or representative:

  • Any individual who is ejected from a contest must leave the facility immediately upon notification by the Intramural Sports Supervisor.
  • Ejected players must provide a written statement of the events surrounding the ejection prior to meeting with the Intramural Sports Coordinator. Only after the statement is supplied and the meeting held will the Intramural Sports Coordinator decide on suspension and reinstatement.
  • Ejected participants are suspended from participation in all Recreational Sports activities and entry to all Recreational Sports facilities. This includes but is not limited to entry to the Payne Center and any athletic facilities when used during championship games, as well as participation in or observation of any intramural sports activity.

Individuals or teams that display inappropriate conduct in any extramural tournament, or any event that utilizes Recreational Sports staff, facilities or equipment may be placed on probation, suspended or banned from Recreational Sports events and facilities.

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