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Starting a Club Sport

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Creating a Club Sport

  • Meet with the Club Sports coordinator to discuss the club's scope and purpose, financial status, membership status, constitution, faculty or staff advisor, coach and officers.
  • Become familiar with the information in the student handbook pertaining to student organizations and the Club Sports Handbook.
  • Fill out a Request for Recognition form and a petition containing at least 10 names of interested full-time students, including their Southern Miss ID# and signature. The form and petition must be submitted to the Sports Club Coordinator or Associate Director of Programs.
  • After a final discussion with the Club Sport Coordinator and the Associate Director of Programs, the club must register with the Office of Student Activities.
  • A club is considered "inactive" when it has no participation for two consecutive semesters. Once a club has inactive status, it must go through the same process as a new club to be reestablished.

Annual Registration

  • Previously recognized sport clubs seeking to renew their registration must obtain approval from the Intramural Sports and Club Sports Coordinator or the Associate Director of Programs at the beginning and end of each academic year.
  • The registration can be accomplished by submitting a copy of the registration card (blue card) that is submitted to the Office of Student Activities.
  • Clubs that receive approval must complete the registration form (blue card) in the Office of Student Activities by the third week of each semester. If a club fails to renew registration during any academic year, it shall forfeit all privileges until the violation is corrected.
  • A club must have at least 10 active member on the roster. If the club falls below 10, the club will receive a notice to increase membership or be placed on probation. If the club falls below 10 members for 2 consecutive semesters, the club will become inactive.
  • A Club Sport shall lose recognition if it fails to register for a period of two consecutive years. In such cases, the organization may reapply for recognition by following the procedures outlined in "Creating a Club Sport".

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