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 Professional Resource Library – Anderson Design Center

Professional Resource Library – Anderson Design Center


  • Located in the Kate Hubbard House, the interior design program occupies a dedicated studio facility at the Southern Miss Hattiesburg Campus.  The recently renovated Design Studio is a 5,255 square foot multi-level building that resides on the southwest side of campus, across from the College of Arts & Letters.  The studio houses two (2) teaching design studio classrooms, a lecture room, student lounge, conference room, four (4) offices, two (2) resource libraries, and a printing and plotting room.  Multimedia equipment is utilized for most classrooms, with lecture materials provided to students for review through faculty websites, Blackboard, and other digital formats, offering students an array of learning methods and supportive information.  Studio classrooms have power ports and wireless internet/networking available throughout the studio, as well as the Southern Miss campus.
  • The Studio provides students with a relaxed and inviting learning environment, with the student lounge acting as a central hub for student interaction.  The resource rooms house a variety of up-to-date product books and materials samples for residential and commercial application.  In addition, the interior design program maintains a private library collection of current technical and design reference literature available for interior design students to review and check out.  The Studio’s “Printing and Plotting Room” provides interior design students with a variety of printing, plotting, scanning, and computing equipment and resources for use in interior design program courses.  Students enrolled in the program also have 24/7 access.
  • In addition to the in-house library, students have full access to a professional design library located @ Anderson Design Center.

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