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Microsoft Software for Faculty and Students

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Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance Software


The University of Southern Mississippi School of Construction provides Microsoft operating systems and developer tools to its faculty, staff, and students through its Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) agreement.
Current faculty, staff, and students enrolled in courses that teach the specific technologies can download a licensed copy of operating systems, server applications, and developer applications for non profit, educational, and research use. Access to these products is monitored through the Electronic License Management System (ELMS).
Students who require access to the MSDNAA software should request access through their instructor. Student requests made directly to the MSDNAA administrator will not be processed.
Faculty and staff who require access to the MSDNAA software should contact the MSDNAA administrator via e-mail or internal work request. Please read the section on System Access for additional information.

Distribution Server Operation

This is a self-server software distribution system requiring several steps.

  1. Student requests access via e-mail to instructor.
  2. Instructor submits text file to MSDNAA administrator.
  3. MSDNAA administrator creates ELMS accounts.
  4. ELMS sends username and password to user Southern Miss e-mail address.
  5. User logs into ELMS at Click Here to go to MSDNAA .
  6. User selects required download and agrees to the EULA.
  7. User downloads a small executable from e-Academy.
  8. User executes download, which retrieves files from a Southern Miss server.
  9. ELMS provides the user with a product key either at the time of downloading or in a separate e-mail sent to his or her Southern Miss e-mail address.
  10. User burns product to recordable CD/DVD media (CD-R/DVD-R) for later use.


Not all software titles and service packs have been configured for ELMS delivery. Contact the MSDNAA administrator if you require an MSDNAA product that is not posted on ELMS.

Some products now have the option to order the media online for the nominal cost of media and shipping. Neither Southern Miss nor the School of Construction are party to this online transaction. This option is provided for users who are taking classes remotely or are limited to a low bandwidth Internet connection.


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