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School of Construction and Design

Sigma Lambda Chi International Construction Honor Society Alpha II Chapter

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The Sigma Lambda Chi International Construction Honor Society Alpha II Chapter at USM was founded in 1975. The fundamental purpose of Sigma Lambda Chi is to provide recognition to outstanding students in construction curricula. Sigma Lambda Chi is the society that offers students the opportunity to be recognized locally and internationally for their academic accomplishments as a construction major.

Aside from the fundamental purpose, Sigma Lambda Chi has three objectives:

  • The first is to render service to the major field of study. This is accomplished by active student participation in tasks and events that affect the construction program that houses the local Sigma Lambda Chi chapter.
  • The second objective is to develop good relations among campus, industry, and the public. Undertaking projects which further this purpose is expected of members of Sigma Lambda Chi.
  • The third objective is to recognize outstanding professional individuals in construction. Sigma Lambda Chi has honorary membership classifications that can be bestowed upon individuals who deserve special recognition because of their contribution to construction education or some facet of the construction industry.

Sigma Lambda Chi is a Member of the Association of College Honor Societies, Inc. The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) is an organization of general and specialized honor societies who join forces for the establishment and maintenance of desirable standards and useful functions in higher education, and for the achievement of appropriate recognition.

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