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Dale Center for the Study of War and Society

Graduate Alumni Placement

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USM Faculty and Graduate Students at Society for Military History conference in 2022.

Dale Center faculty, graduate students, and alumni at the Society for Military History's annual meeting in Fort Worth, Texas in 2022.

PhD Students:


Hasik, Hayley Michael.  "The Helicopter War: Unraveling the Myth and Memory of a Vietnam War Icon."  Chair: Dr. Heather M. Stur.


Peterson, Lindsey R. "The Expansionist Cause: Union Civil War Commemorations as Tools of Western Colonization." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.

Somers, Lucas. "Embattled Learning: Education and Emancipation in the Post-Civil War Upper South." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.


Mortimer, John. 'We Seek A Stable Structure: Détente', Human Rights, and National Security Policy, 1974–1981.” Chair: Dr. Heather Stur


Hazzard, Wesley. “The Face of Intervention: Military Humanitarianism during the 1965 Dominican Crisis.” Chair: Dr. Heather Stur.


Doidge, Michael. "An Army Worth Fighting For: The U.S. Army’s Battle for Relevance in National Security from 1946 to 1964." Chair: Dr. Heather Stur.


Cantrell, Kelly.  "Consuming Victory: American Women and the Politics of Food Rationing during World War II."  Chair: Dr. Andrew Haley.

Colbourn, Colin.  "Esprit de Marine Corps: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps through Public Relations, 1911-50."  Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Engle, Jason.  "The Schützenwesen and the Roots of Austrian Paramilitarism in the First Republic."  Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest


Fitzmorris, John. “Bearing the ‘Double Burden; Chaplains in Combat during the Vietnam War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest. 

Taylor, Samantha A. "'Gosh, I Miss the Cold War': Post-Cold War Foreign Policymaking in the United States, 1989–1995." Chair: Dr. Heather Stur.


Thompson, Robert.  "A Facade in Phu Yen: American Pacification Efforts in a South Vietnamese Province" Chairs: Drs. Heather Stur and Andrew Wiest


Hemmis, Timothy Christopher. “Trading Identities: National Identity, Loyalty, and Backcountry Merchants in Revolutionary America, 1740 – 1816.” Chair: Dr. Kyle F. Zelner.

Bius, Joel Richard. “The Soldier and the Cigarette: 1918 – 1986.” Chair: Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes.  


Wieland, Robert.  "Reagan's Disraeli: Caspar Willard Weinberger as Secretary of Defense, 1981-87."  Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.


Conklin, Dennis Blair. “Conflict and Controversy in the Confederate High Command: Johnston, Davis, Hood, and the Atlanta Campaign of 1864.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.
  • Current Placement: History Teacher, Jackson Academy, Jackson, Mississippi


Chappo, John Fabian. “William H. Mahone of Virginia: An Intellectual Biography, 1830-1890.” Chair: Dr. Bradley Bond.

  • Current Placement: Instructor of History and the History of Technology at Penn College, Williamsport, Pennsylvania


Boler, Jaime Elizabeth. “City Under Siege: Resistance and Power in Natchez, MS 1719-1857.” Chair: Dr. Greg O’Brien.


Catino, Martin Scott. “Mussolini’s March on America: Italian-Americans and the Fascist Experience, 1922-1941.” Chair: Dr. R. Geoffrey Jensen. 


Vaughn, William Ashley. “Natchez during the Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

  • Current Placement: Independent Researcher in Jackson, Mississippi


Barbier, Mary Kathryn. “D-Day Deception: Operation Fortitude and the Normandy Invasion.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Apel, John Patrick. “A Window of Opportunity: A History of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the First Half of the Korean War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest. 

  • Current Placement: Lawyer, Portsmouth, Ohio


MA Students


Bishop, Christopher.  "'I Was Looking for God': A Study of Wehrmacht Personnel and their Personal Relationships with Religion."  Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Cloys, Emily.  "Negotiating National Identity: A Study of Nationalist Rhetoric during the British Voluntary Recruiting Movement, 1914-1916."  Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Jarrell, Joseph.  "The King and His Court: The Culture of Royal Power and the Creation of the Angevin Empire Under Henry II."  Chair: Dr. Courtney Luckhardt. 


John, DeLee. "Henry Knox: The American Frontier as a Foreign Policy Arena, 1785-1794." Chair: Dr. Kyle Zelner.

  • Current Placement: Instructor of History at Parklane Academy in McComb, Mississippi.

Losen, Maeve. "Emotions in Work and War: Comparisons of Emotional-Cultures of New Deal CCC Enrollees and WWII U.S. Army Enlistees, 1933-1945." Chair: Dr. Kevin Greene. 

Singleton, Michael. ""Conserving" The Middle Ground: Tennessee's Unionist Press in Secession Crisis, 1860-1861." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.

Washam, Brian. "Validation in Vietnam: Motivation and Experiences of Vietnam Veterans Who Returned to Vietnam as Tourists." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.


Abulawi, Amanda. "Higher Command: An Examination of African American Leadership in the Vietnam Era." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

  • Current Placement: Processing Assistant, Historical Manuscripts & Archives at McCain Library and Archives, University of Southern Mississippi

DeFazio, T. Michael. "For Cause and Countries: Initial, Sustaining, and Combat Motivation in the Royal Air Force Eagle Squadrons, 1940-1942." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Loper, Billy. "Paradoxes of the Heart and Mind: Three Case Studies in White Identity, Southern Reality, and the Silenced Memories of Mississippi Confederate Dissent, 1860-1979." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.

Stobaugh, Lindsey. "Recognizing Race: The Impact of Twentieth-Century Feminist Movements on Race Relations in West Germany." Chair: Dr. Allison Abra.

Turnbaugh, Cody. "'My Bruises Are Inward:' A Study of Mental Trauma in the American Civil War." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.


Coffey, Regina. "'You Must Live, and Show to the World What They Have Been Doing Here': The Survival of the 'Rabbits' of Ravensbrück." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Lewis, Taylor. "Helmand: The U.S. Marines and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan, 2010-2012." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Major, Justin. "The Unknown War: Army of the Republic of Vietnam Combat Operations 1962-1963." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Myers, Amy. "A Call to Arms: A Comparative Study of Mississippi and Kentucky Citizens During the Secession Crisis, 1859-1861." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.


Price, Brannon. "The Fighting Blue Ridgers: Combined Arms Capabilities of the US Army's 80th Infantry Division in World War II, 1944-1945." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Sarvela, John. "Soldaten des Westens: An Analysis of the Wartime Experiences of Three German-American Regiments from the St. Louis-Belleville Region." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural. 


Partain, Aderian.  "Cornerstone of Union Victory: Officer Partnerships in Joint Operations in the West."  Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.


Barnett, Tracy L. "Maligned 'Milish:' Mississippi Militiamen in the Civil War." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.

Foster, Lisa. "'To Mississippi, Alone, Can They Look for Assistance': Confederate Welfare in Mississippi, 1861–1957." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.
Lovering, Richard. "Sir Robert Thompson's Better War: The British Advisory Mission and the South Vietnamese Strategic Hamlet Program, 1961–1963." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.
Rossi, Guido. "Italian Fellas in Olive Drab: Exploring the Experiences of Italian-American Servicemen in Sicily and Italy, 1943–1945." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.
Schaefer, Nicholas. "For King and Country: Reconsidering the Great War Soldier in Britain, 1914–1945." Chair: Dr. Allison Abra.
Strohmetz, Carol.  "Women In Wartime Shipyards: Operating A Drill Press Was Like Using An Egg Beater."  Chair: Dr. Deanne Stephens

Martin, David.  "Mr. Jefferson’s Army in Mr. Madison’s War: Atrophy, Policy, and Legacy in the War of 1812."  Chair: Dr. Kyle F. Zelner.

  • Current Placement: United States Air Force.

Nelson, Anna Rikki. “Shaken, Not Stirred: Espionage, Fantasy, and British Masculinity during the Cold War.” Chair: Dr. Allison Abra. 


Ward, Samuel Howard. “Jackson’s Flying Dutchmen: The Significance of the Royal Netherlands Military Flying School.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

White, Ruth Poe. “A Tale of Two Cities: Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi during the American Civil War.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.


Branstiter, Eugene Allan. “Madness, Scalawagery, and Reconstruction: Dr. William M. Compton and Civil War Era Politics.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.

Foster, Aaron Edward. “Inconspicuous but Indispensable: Charles Anderson Dana as Assistant Secretary of War.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.

Seal, Stephanie Anne. “Victims of Liberty: Virginia’s Response to Loyalists and Loyalism in Williamsburg, 1770 – 1781.” Chair: Dr. Kyle F. Zelner.

  • Current Placement: Customer Enablement Manager, SchoolStatus, Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Riotto, Angela Maria. “Furnish the Balance: The 1863 Roots of Hard War Strategy in the American Civil War.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.

Wilson, L. B. “Perception and Realities of the Irish Republican Army during the Second World War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.


McGrew, Matthew Robert. “Beneath the Surface: American Culture and Submarine Warfare in the 20th Century.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Nicholls, Nancy Nicole. “The Last Victorian Knight: A Study of T.E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolt.” Chair: Dr. Amy Milne-Smith.


Lazenby, Kaci Joanne. “A New Road to Peace? Jimmy Carter’s Middle East Diplomacy: The Break-Up of Pan-Arabism and a New Cold War Balance of Power.” Chair: Dr. Heather Stur.


Bell, Earl William. “Sword of Reform, Sword of Evangelism: The Forging of an Evangelical Military.” Chair: Dr. Michael Neiberg.

Colbourn, Colin Michael. “Espirit de Marine Corps: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps through Public Relations, 1898-1929.” Chair: Dr. Michael Neiberg.

Hollifield, Kimberly Lanell. “Galvanizing a Nation: Political Rhetoric that Drove America Toward Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

Jonathan Daniel. “A Manufactured Rebellion: An Assessment of the Seizure of the West Florida Convention and the 1810 West Florida Rebellion.” Chair: Dr. Brian LaPierre.

Urbanak, Anthony Otis. “The Changing Nature of the Army As Seen Through the Lens of Enlisted Personnel Recruitment.” Chair: Dr. Michael Neiberg.


Beech, Cameron Ryan. “Men Set Apart: The Staff College, Staff Officers, and the Professionalization of the British Army’s Officer Corps.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest

Obinalli, Kelechi. “American Foreign Policy and the Internalization of the Biafran War, 1967-1970.” Chair: Dr. Deanne S. Nuwer.


Cantrell, Kelly Elizabeth. “We Can Do It! Hollywood Feature Films, American Servicemen, and the Second World War.” Chair: Dr. Stephen Sloan.

Coleman, Rebecca Leigh. “European Violence and the Papal Dream: A Study in Medieval Peace Initiatives.” Chair: Dr. Phyllis G. Jestice.

French, Wesley Tyler. “Changes and Trends in the American Film Industry and their Impact on the Vietnam Subgenre, 1965-1990.” Chair: Dr. Bradley Bond.

Hession, William David. “Turpentining in the Piney Woods: Hattiesburg and the Naval Stores Industry.” Chair: Dr. Bradley G. Bond.


Hall, David Bradley. “Combat Medical Soldiers: US Army First Echelon Medics in the European Theater of Operations during the Second World War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Overby, Lee T. “The Most Horrible War: The Impact of Technology, Logistics, and Disease on the Anglo-Asante War of 1873-4.” Chair: Dr. James Patterson Smith.

Stewart, Jason Andrew. “Comforting the Vanquished: A History of the Beauvoir Soldiers’ Home.” Committee Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.


Walters, Andrew Howard. “Initiative in Command: The Learning Curve in the British Army during World War I.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.


Cates, Joseph E. “The Fight for an Independent Army: Amalgamation and the AEF in the First World War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

  • Oral History Coordinator at Sullivan Museum & History Center at Norwich University

Davis, Edward Harold. “Guadalcanal, 7 August 1942- 26 October 1942. (1) The Battle of the Tenaru River, 21 August 1942, (2) The Battle of Bloody Ridge, 12-14 September 1942, (3) The Battle of Henderson Field and the Lunga River, 24-26 October 1942.” Chair: Dr. Louis M. Kyriakoudes.

Hudson, Janet Maria. “The Hub City Home Front: Women of Hattiesburg, Mississippi during World War II.” 2002. Chair: Dr. Marjorie Julian Spruill.

Loicano, Martin. “An Analysis of the Failure of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.


Spencer, David Brett. “Sword of Ulysses: The Unconditional Surrender Doctrine and the Rise of American Imperialism.” Chair: Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty.


Monday, Steve. “The Troubled Color Line: Race Relations in Jackson, Mississippi during World War II.” Chair: Dr. Neil R. McMillen.

Williams, Benjamin Shawn. “Stuck in the Middle: Kentucky Politics and the Confederate Invasion of 1862.” Chair: Dr. James Patterson Smith.


Kimball, Larry Scott. “British Volunteers in World War I: Changing Attitudes and Perceptions”. Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.


Dougal, Ian. “Gunboat Democracy: American Exceptionalism and the Military Interventions in Grenada (1983) and Panama (1989).” Chair: Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty.

Huff, Edward Eugene. “British and American Policy toward Italian Territorial Claims in the First World War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.


Adams, Owen E. Jr. “Confederate Major General Robert E. Rodes: A Civil War Biography.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

McDonald, Sam Dawson. “The Civil Thorn: Congressman Ross Collins and the American Military, 1921-1943.” Chair: Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty.

Patterson, Steven. “The Forgotten Army: Morale Problems of the British Fourteenth Army in India during World War II.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Stewart, Paula.  “Villain of the Peace: The Career and Image of James Longstreet in Southern History.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.


McLain, Robert A. “At His Majesty’s Request: The Indian Army Corps on the Western Front, 1914-1915.” Chair: Dr. L. Margaret Barnett. 


Kelly, James R. Jr. “The Confederate Ironclad Program and the Defense of the West.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

O’Connor, Patrick Joseph. “To Destroy or Create: American Occupation Policy for Japan, 1945-1952.” Chair: Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty.

Tuepker, John Lee. “The Effects of World War II on Blacks in Harrison County, Mississippi.” Chair: Dr. Neil R. McMillen.

Vaughn, WA. “The Black Militia in the Battle of New Orleans.” Chair: Dr. John Guice.

Zhang, Kemin. “Why They Fought?— An Analysis of the Motives of Non-slaveholding Whites toward the Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough. 


Snell, William Halsey Jr. “Union and Confederate Treatment of Prisoners of War during the American Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.


Gunn, Mark E. “The Magnolia Cross: The Role of Mississippi Chaplains during the Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

Wedding, Stephen E. “Sherman’s Meridian Expedition: Modern Warfare in Mississippi.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough