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Office of the Dean of Students

Office of the Dean of Students

Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students. From the time students arrive on campus for orientation until they complete their last exam, the Dean of Students office engages them in ways that support and contribute to their academic and personal growth. We are committed to fostering an environment characterized by mutual respect, ethical behavior, civility, safety, and free-expression regardless of differences, providing students a place to bring their concerns and voice their opinions in an appropriate manner.

We work with all students, particularly those who encounter unexpected obstacles along the way, and use those challenges as a means to develop their problem-solving, communication and conflict resolutions skills, and to provide an understanding of campus policies and procedures, with a focus on student rights and responsibilities.

The Dean of Students office also serves as consultants for faculty/staff who have concerns about students they teach or with whom they work. The office works collaboratively with other offices on campus to enhance the quality of a student's life and members of the USM community.

The Dean of Students office provides the following services:

  • Guidance on potential Student Conduct Matters
  • Consultations and/or addressing concerns
  • Academic Notification
  • Notifications for a death or serious illness of a student
  • Oversight of the Withdrawal Process
  • Policy & Procedures Guidance
  • Guidance of Student Rights

Contact Us

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Hattiesburg Campus

118 College Drive #5204
Hattiesburg, MS 39406




Office Hours

8am-5pm, Monday-Friday