McNair Scholars Program - From the Director

A favorite saying of Dr. Ronald McNair was“You are eagles, dare to soar." The Southern Miss McNair Scholars Program encourages you to discover your research interests and consider continuing your education on to graduate school. Students in the McNair Scholars program have created and developed research projects from inspirations related or unrelated to their coursework and academic majors. They have organized personal graduate school plans based on distinct academic and professional goals, and many have fulfilled those plans with the completion of a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. This program can provide you with unique opportunities to begin your professional career and follow your dreams.

As a Southern Miss McNair Scholar you will be offered valuable tools to assist in designing and executing successful research projects and to enable you in your pursuit of graduate study. The program is an unforgettable experience. Since the beginning of the program in 2000, the 145 Southern Miss undergraduates have participated in the McNair Scholars Program. Many of these former participants have acquired graduate-level degrees, and a good number of them are still pursuing studies at the graduate-level. By becoming a McNair Scholar, you will be part of a scholar network that encompasses 200 programs at various colleges and universities across the United States.

Now, we challenge you to take the next step by becoming a McNair Scholar! Provide us the opportunity to assist you in achieving a higher level in your academic career.

At Southern Miss, you are an eagle. What do you dare?

Carolyn J. Cawthon, M.Ed.