McNair Scholars Program - Faculty Participation

As an integral part of the program and a valuable institutional commitment, faculty members are selected by participants to act as mentors and to guide the student through the research portion of the program. The role the faculty plays in the program is critical to the success of the students’ research project, and provides students with the types of experiences they may encounter in graduate studies. When a faculty member agrees to serve as a McNair Mentor, they are asked to

  • be on campus to direct and supervise the student's research;
  • develop the research project with the student (the project may be a part of the faculty member's ongoing research or may be developed by the student in the consultation with the faculty member);
  • hold weekly meetings with student and keep a record of activities;
  • review/referee the student's research paper;
  • serve as instructor of record for UNV 451;
  • evaluate the student's performance and complete an evaluation;
  • attend the student's oral presentation at the McNair Scholars Symposium on campus in the fall semester.

The McNair Scholars Program has been strongly supported by the administration and faculty from all the colleges. McNair Mentors have ranged from the newest junior faculty members up to the university president.