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About Us

The Honors College Leadership Council (HCLC) provides opportunities for the Honors College student body to participate, engage, and make a difference in the College and community. The Honors College is pleased to have students involved and making their voices heard as we shape the future of the College together.  At this time, the HCLC is active only on the Hattiesburg campus. 

Guided by an executive team and a staff adviser, the HCLC is composed of six committees: Academic, Community Life, First-Year Mentors, Honors College Ambassadors, EDIT and Philanthropy. 

B. Twilbeck

B. Twilbeck

HCLC President

Psychology & Sociology


Joseph Roesti

Joseph Reosti

Communications & Social Media Manager

Political Science and History


The Academic Committee helps develop and coordinate academic initiatives and resources (HC speakers, tutoring, programming, thesis boot camps) and assists at University Forum events.
As the official hosts of the Honors College, Ambassadors work all recruitment events for the HC, engage in outreach with prospective students (postcard writing, phone banking, etc), and help develop ideas for HC recruitment.
Community Life
The Community Life Committee is focused on building a sense of community and pride among Honors College students. We are responsible for spreading the word about HC events and functions.
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Team
The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Team is focused on building a healthier and more informed community and on promoting education and thoughtful activism.

Mentors are vital in the transition for first year students. Mentors are responsible for developing a relationship with first-year mentees. We create a space to help students transition into college life.


The primary job of the Philanthropy Committee is to create and coordinate an Honors College philanthropy program. We also assess the needs and interests of the HC community and coordinate community service.

How to Join

Each spring, we will open applications for leadership positions and membership for the coming academic year.  Additionally, students new to the Honors College will have an opportunity to apply for select committees (Academic, Community Life, and Philanthropy) in September.

To apply, students must be enrolled, in good standing with the Honors College (not on probation, cumulative GPA at 3.25 or higher), and planning to be enrolled on the Hattiesburg campus for the duration of their service. 


For questions about the Honors College Leadership Council, please contact advisor Kyle Ethridge (Kyle.EthridgeFREEMississippi).


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