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History Minor:

Students who wish to minor in history must take the World Civilizations sequence (HIS 101 and HIS 102) and an additional fifteen (15) credit hours, at any level, of history classes. History minors are encouraged, though not required, to take Historical Methods (HIS 300) as one of their additional classes. This may differ depending on the student's catalog year and changing requirements. For additional information, see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

For any additional information on any of the History undergraduate programs, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr.%20Matthew%20Casey.  


International Studies Minor:

The mission of the international studies program is to develop the reading, writing and critical thinking skills of students; to promote their interdisciplinary and cross-cultural expertise in world affairs; and to enhance their knowledge within a specific geographic concentration.

In pursuit of these goals, students, in consultation with the program director, select appropriate courses from a wide range of departments, including history, political science, anthropology and sociology, religion and foreign languages. Instead of working through a rigidly defined common curriculum, students are actively encouraged to use this program's freedom and flexibility as a means for exploring the issues and areas that interest and excite them.

Students minoring in international studies must complete 18 hours in the following courses: GHY 331: Cultural Systems in the Environment or GHY 341: Geography and World Political Affairs (3 credits); HIS 424 The World in the 20th Century (3 credits); PS 331: World Politics (3 credits); IS 491: Senior Seminar in International Studies (3 credits) and two relevant courses selected by the director in collaboration with the student. 

For any additional information on the international studies program, please contact Dr. Brian LaPierre.


History and Music History Minor

The History program also offers a minor combining history and music history. It is ideally suited for music and music education majors and for anyone interested in exploring the relationship between history and the arts. For more information on this minor, contact the chair of the Department of History or the director of the School of Music.

Students minoring in history and music history must complete 24 hours in the following courses: MUS 307: History of Music I (3 credits); MUS 308: History of Music II (3 credits); HIS 201: Survey of U.S. History to 1877 or HIS 202: Survey of U.S. History since 1877 (3 credits); HIS 401 Themes in Non-Western world (3 credits); HIS 413: The United States and Latin America (3 credits); HIS 424: The World in the 20th Century (3 credits); and two music history electives chosen with the student’s advisor. 



How Can I Make the Most of a History BA?:

Choose a minor or electives that make a BA in History more competitive in today’s job market.







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