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At Southern Miss, we recognize that writing is integral to student success. Writing allows us to learn more about ourselves and our society, to connect with others, to reflect on our educational experiences, to create new educational experiences, and even to make change. Our program is dedicated to providing effective writing experiences from our first-year writing classes to our graduate coursework.

First-year writers at USM have the opportunity to participate in an exciting writing curriculum that engages them in writing and the world around them. We introduce students to the strategies, tools, and resources necessary to becoming successful communicators in a range of academic, professional, and public settings. Students in these classes explore conventions of writing, digital literacies, and the excitement of research and publication. First-year composition courses are often the smallest classes students take during their first semester at Southern Miss, and this provides an opportunity to create a community of writers and a strong relationship with their instructors.

Students enrolled in our undergraduate professional writing and public discourse courses focus on effective and ethical communication in a wide range of professional situations. Students study, research, and analyze professional and public contexts, and they create and use professional, public, and digital genres that will help develop written, oral, and visual communication skills. In courses such as Technical Communications; Digital Literacies, Texts, and Technologies; and Collaborative Learning and Tutoring Writing, students are encouraged to explore literacies, texts, and technologies that make a difference beyond academe.


We are dedicated to working with all of our writers here at Southern Miss! Eagles Write!

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