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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminars

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There are several ongoing seminar series of interest to Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Speaker Seminar Series

Each fall and spring, chemistry and biochemistry hosts a series of seminars by outside speakers on Friday afternoons at 1:30 p.m., normally in TEC 106. 

Date Speaker
October 29 William Pomerantz, University of Minnesota **
“Chemical Epigenetics Approaches Lead to Selective BRD4 Inhibitors as New Anti-Inflammatory Agents” 
November 5 Sunil Saxena, University of Pittsburg
November 12 No Seminar
November 19 Chemistry Undergraduate Capstone Symposium
November 26 Thanksgiving – No Seminar 

Refreshments are served prior to the seminar. 

(**) These seminars will be delivered online via TEAMS. Any student or faculty outside the Chemistry and Biochemistry discipline who is interested in attending a seminar, please contact Dr.%20Vijay%20Rangachari to be included.

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Graduate Student Seminar Series

Graduate students in chemistry and biochemistry are required to make a public presentation of their research each year on Thursday afternoons at 2:30 p.m., usually in TEC 106. These often include prospectus, thesis, or dissertation defenses.  

Everyone in the unit is strongly encouraged to attend these seminars to learn about ongoing research and to support the students.

For inquiries, please contact Dr.%20Matthew%20Donahue.

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